7 Basic Yoga Asanas To Boost Metabolism and Burn Fat

Yoga Poses You Should Try Now to Boost Metabolism and Banish Fat

Metabolism is a biochemical process that includes every step by which our body turns the given nutrients (mainly foods) into energy to perform physical activities. Increasing the rate of metabolism is the healthiest way to lose stubborn weight. It is seen that certain yoga poses can inflate the metabolism rate by stimulating your thyroid gland […] Read more…

10 Budget Friendly Makeup Brands In India

Budget friendly brands In India

The college season has just started and most of the girls out there will step into the world of makeup, maybe because of their college crowd (yeah, you know, those “famous” seniors), or maybe because you feel now is the right time for contouring and non-touring. Whatever the reason maybe, let me tell you, the […] Read more…

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