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As Karva Chauth is around the corner, everyone is gearing up to get some beautifully drawn henna designs (also called mehndi) on their hands. This year I thought I would take my own design to the artist and while I was searching online for mehndi designs, some of them on Pinterest caught my attention. So I thought I’d compile a list for you guys incase you’re looking for some inspiration too. Here we go.

1.Here is a beautifully done mehndi design with a circular motif at the center. Love how the front and the back of the hand complement each other.

21 Beautiful Menhdi Designs


2. Finely drawn henna design with a combination of various patterns.

21 Beautiful Mehndi Designs


3. This floral design is for the minimalists who like their designs to be clean and elegant.

21 Beautiful Mehandi Designs


4. Another one for the minimalists!

21 Beautiful Mehandi Designs


5. A full-length design which is perfect for a wedding!

21 Beautiful Menhandi Designs


6. Simple bracelet design with a modern twist.

21 Beautiful Menhandi Designs


7. A beautifully done complex design for those who love their mehndi design to be dense. The circular motifs at the inner edges lend versatility to the whole look.

Mehandi Designs


8. Love how this henna design manages to be modern yet classic at the same time!

Karwa Chauth Mehandi Designs


9. A slightly different version of the peacock design.

Karwa Chauth Menhdi Designs


10. Another inspiration for a full-length design.

Karwa Chauth Menhdi Designs


11. A classic full-length mehndi design for the brides.

Karwa Chauth Menhdi Designs


12. A chequered pattern with a stunning heart-shaped design at the edge.

Beautiful Mehandi Designs for hands


13. An easy paisley design with a modern, minimalistic look.

Karwa Chauth Menhdi Designs


14. A beautiful mehndi design that runs beyond the elbows. The little ‘bride’ and ‘groom’ detailing on both hands makes it a perfect inspiration for the weddings.

Indian Mehandi Designs


15. Modern, floral design that is unique as well as elegant.

latest mehndi design images


16. This is a yet another option for amazing paisley design.

latest mehndi design images


17. Simple design with lines, patterns and chequered detailing.

full hand mehndi design


18. Beautiful yet simple, this design combines a chequered pattern with flowers.

mehndi design indian


19. This is a delicate floral design for those who love their mehndi to be simple.

mehndi design indian


20. A stunning design option which is elegant and delicate.

karva chauth mehndi design


21. Circular motifs are a classic design option and as you can see here, a beautifully done motif beautifies the entire design and makes it eye-catching!

karva chauth mehndi design
Image Sources: Pinterest

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  1. Shilpa Shetty
    October 18, 2016 at 10:58 am (2 months ago)

    Waaw,.. Nice mehendi designs,..


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