7 Bollywood Divas Who Sizzle in Palazzos

Bollywood divas who sizzle in palazzos

Chances are, your closet would have every possible outfit known to you but the moment your phone would buzz and your cronies would ask you to join them for a casual day out, you would be left sitting on the floor wondering if you should nod in approval or cook up an excuse. And that’s […] Read more…

How to play with bright colours this monsoon!

How to play with bright colours this monsoon

Guest post by Sreeparna Hi everyone! Today’s post will be about monsoon fashion. In the urge to look colourful in gloomy monsoon we often turn ourselves into glitter-balls or neon-dolls as we try to use every bright thing we have in our wardrobe at the same time. Just from there the whole business becomes impractical. This […] Read more…

Style Inspiration: 15 Ways To Style A Maxi Skirt

15 Ways To Style A Maxi Skirt

One of the most versatile pieces of clothing you can have in your wardrobe is a maxi skirt. Yet while shopping the other day, I felt that I needed some inspiration on how to style my maxi skirts. Although the internet is filled with numerous amounts of inspirational pictures, I’m sharing with you today the 15 […] Read more…