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Silver Glitter Eyeliner & Neutral Pink Lips: FOTD, EOTD

Glitter Eyeliner & Neutral Pink Lips: FOTD, EOTD

Easy Glam Look- Silver Glitter Eyeliner+ Neutral Pink Lips Hey Guys I’ll be sharing a glam makeup look with you all today. I’ve done a pretty similar tutorial as this a while back so if you want to see the detailed steps involved, you can check out that look here. I wanted a simple-to-do yet […] Read more…

Ultimate Guide To Must-Have Makeup For Diwali- Product Recommendations & Tutorials

Diwali is just a night away and we are here with our last ‘Festive Season Special’. Today’s post is going to be a quick checklist of some must-have makeup products and tutorials out of which you can devise some easy-peasy festive looks. As there is not enough time for trials-and-errors; we have tried to keep this […] Read more…

DIY: Homemade Duraline

Homemade Duraline

Hello everyone! Hope you all are in the pink of health. There are certain makeup products which you keep on buying because they are so good and you can’t seem to find an alternative. This so happens to me. Whenever I like a particular product, I stick to it throughout the passage of time until the brand […] Read more…

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