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Facial Yoga- 10 Facial Exercises for a Perfectly Sculpted Face

10 Facial Exercises for a Perfectly Sculpted Face

Very few people on this earth have perfectly sculpted faces. Even the gorgeous Bollywood and Hollywood divas whom we often take as role models are not free from those little imperfections. In fact, we often see them trying various cosmetic or surgical procedures to achieve flawless faces. Although the clinical facial-feature correcting is quick and […] Read more…

Ultimate Guide To Must-Have Makeup For Diwali- Product Recommendations & Tutorials

Diwali is just a night away and we are here with our last ‘Festive Season Special’. Today’s post is going to be a quick checklist of some must-have makeup products and tutorials out of which you can devise some easy-peasy festive looks. As there is not enough time for trials-and-errors; we have tried to keep this […] Read more…

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