best body lotion for very dry skin

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In the colder months; the environment lacks humidity and the natural moisture of our skin starts evaporating quickly. As a result even the oiliest skin feels dry and itchy. To prevent this we need some sealant to lock the moisture into the skin. This is where body lotions come into the picture. Everyone has their own set of requirements based on which the body lotions need to be chosen. So here are some of the best body lotions according to every skintype.

best body lotion for very dry skin
best body lotion for very dry skin


1. Jergens Ultra Healing Extra Dry Skin Moisturizer

Price: Rs. 499 for 621 ml Buy here

This fast absorbing moisturizer penetrates deep into the skin and heals the skin from within. Enriched with Vitamin C, E and B5 this dense white lotion stays put for long.

2. Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Repair Body Lotion

Price: Rs. 285 for 300 ml (smaller sizes are also available) Buy here

This is the most affordable as well as effective body lotion for extremely dry skin. This milky white thick lotion can be a good choice for sensitive skin as it is completely unscented.

3. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E Body Lotion

Price: Rs. 425 for 8.5 Oz. Buy here

Dry and extremely flaky skinned people will find this one great as it makes a thick barrier between your skin and the harsh environment. It is a light yellow coloured thick moisturizer with strong chocolaty smell that instantly replenishes moisture deficiency.

4. St. Ives Skin Renewing Collagen Elastin Body Lotion

Price: Rs. 479 for 621 ml Buy here

This brand has many variants of body moisturizers. I like this one because it comes with added benefits of collagen elastin.

5. Pond’s Triple Vitamin Moisturizing Lotion

Price: Rs. 210 for 300 ml (more sizes are also available) Buy here

This triple vitamin lotion is an old friend of mine and the improvement in formula by the company has made me closer to it. It is now thick (not runny like before), creamy and long-staying.

best body lotion reviews
best body lotion reviews


6. The Body Shop Olive Nourishing Body Lotion

Price: Rs. 687 for 250 ml Buy here

This lotion will suit best for normal skinned people. The USP of this particular product is its heavenly fragrance! Try it. You’ll love it.

7. Dove Essential Nourishment Body Lotion

Price: Rs. 370 for 400 ml (more sizes are also available) Buy here

The Essential Nourishment variant from Dove has creamlike consistency but the finish it provides is matte but moisturizing. Although the pack mentions it is for dry skin; in my opinion it will work best for combination skinned people. It has a light floral fragrance.

8. Nivea Nourishing Lotion Body Milk Richly Caring

Price: Rs. 310 for 400 ml (more sizes are also available) Buy here

This body milk by Nivea comes with the promise of Hydra IQ technology. This milky white liquid lotion spreads easily and the skin feels supple after a week of continuous usage.

9. Grace Cole Watermelon and Pink Grapefruit Body Lotion

Price: Rs. 454 for 500 ml Buy here

People who prefer non-sticky and non-oily yet moisturizing body lotions would find this one very handy. It also has many other variants that differ in consistency and fragrance. This one, in particular, is light pink in colour and smells like fresh melons.

10. Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Body Moisturizer

Price: Rs. 449 for 250 ml Buy here

One of our favourite body lotions, this is again a non-greasy formula that feels light on skin and is absorbed quite fast. It is a white coloured thick liquid and is fragrance free. It has glycerine as the main ingredient that’s why it is a humectant-based moisturizer.

best body lotion reviews
best body lotion reviews


11. Himalaya Soothing Body Lotion for Dry Skin

Price: Rs. 125 for 100 ml (more sizes are also available) Buy here

If you have oily skin that needs a bit of moisturization in winter this hypoallergenic dermatologist –tested light lotion can be a great option. It is a white dense lotion that is neither too thick nor too runny and has amazingly sweet aroma.

12. Vaseline Intensive Care Body Lotion

Price: Rs. 260 for 300 ml (more sizes are also available) Buy here

This lotion contains pure cocoa butter and provides glow to dull skin. It smells yummy (like chocolate ice-cream☺). It effectively locks the moisture into the skin without giving an oily feeling.

13. Parachute Advanced Deep Nourish Body Lotion

Price: Rs. 150 for 250ml (more sizes are also available) Buy here

This coconut based lotion looks quite heavy but blends into nothing when applied. It has soothing aroma that lasts 2-3 hours.

14. Lotus Herbals Cocoa Caress Daily Body Lotion

Price: Rs. 195 for 250ml Buy here

This can be a feast to chocolate lovers because it smells like pure cocoa. The lotion also makes skin soft and supple.

15. VLCC Almond Nourishing Body Lotion

Price: Rs. 155 for 200ml (more sizes are also available) Buy here

This light lotion comes with the goodness of various natural extracts like wheat-germ extract and aloe vera extract along with its main constituent almond oil. This lotion has SPF-15 that adds extra benefits to this body moisturizer.

Have you any favourite body lotion? Please share in the comments below. Share your thoughts too.

Guest post by Sreeparna G.

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  1. I have super dry skin and I love using Palmer’s Cocoa butter and Eucerin Intensive. Both of these are totally amazing at softening and nourishing the skin.

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