I recently re-discovered my love for the Mac 217 brush. So I thought I’d share how I like to use it. This was one of my first MAC brushes and I had fallen in love with it the moment I started using it. But then as my makeup stash grew, it took a little backseat and I kinda forgot about it. But recently I’ve been loving it in my makeup routine! Its such a versatile brush. I feel this is the kind of brush EVERY girl needs to own.5 Ways To Use Mac 217 Brush

A Little About the Brush: Its bristles are made of white goat hair. They are very soft which makes the brush ideal for blending. The bristles taper towards the top which makes it useful for giving definition to the eye. It does get stained a bit after you’ve had it for a long time but its nothing drastic. It still looks and works amazingly well. Plus it doesn’t shed any hair. Or atleast mine hasn’t. EVER!

As I mentioned above, it can be used in a number of ways. Below are the 5 ways I like to use my MAC 217 brush:

5 ways to use Mac 217 brush
5 ways to use Mac 217 brush

1. For Concealer: The MAC 217 has very soft densely packed bristles which blend the under-eye concealer (especially the creamy ones) seamlessly and gives an almost airbrushed kinda finish.

2.  As a Crease Brush: Ok. This is my favourite use of this brush! It makes defining the crease so effortless. Before I had this brush, I used to see all these videos with the girls having such sculpted creases. And I used to wonder what I was doing wrong. I figured out later that the problem was not in my technique but with my brush. If you haven’t already used this brush for the crease, you have to try it to understand what I’m saying!

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3. For Blending: This is what MAC suggests to use it for. This is my second favourite way of using the brush. It has densely packed, stiff yet very soft bristles. This makes blending and creating smokey eyes a breeze.

4. Outer V of the Eye: To be honest, I generally prefer the MAC 219 for this purpose. It has a more precise control. But on days when I’m feeling extra lazy and don’t want to use another brush, I use the same 217 brush to contour the outer V of my eye. It does a pretty decent job at that too.

5 ways to use Mac 217 brush
5 ways to use Mac 217 brush

5. Contour and Highlight: And last but not the least, I love to contour the sides of my nose with this. Its tapered bristles and small head are ideal for it. It can also be used for highlighting the bridge of nose, cupid’s bow, cheekbones and the browbone.

So there you go! One tiny brush and so many uses. If your budget allows to add just one eye brush to your kit, I’d recommend the MAC 217. You can do almost the entire eye makeup with just this one brush 🙂

P.S- This is my honest opinion on the brush. I am not affiliated with MAC.

How do you like to use your MAC 217? Do you own any other brushes that are as versatile? I’d love to know! Share in the comments below.

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