Anti-Ageing Beauty Tips for Youthful and Healthy Skin

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Ageing is a natural process that happens to every living being. When the growth phase of our life ends; our body starts to age little by little. Dryness, dullness, uneven skin tone, wrinkle, loosening of muscles, pigmentation etc. are some common signs of ageing we notice in our delicate facial skin. No product can stop the ageing process entirely; but with some extra care we can delay it to some extent.  In today’s post I will try to jot down the components of a good anti-ageing skincare routine. You should follow this routine from your mid 20s because once the signs of ageing starts to show there is practically no chances of rollback without medical help. Please bear with me to know the rest.

1. Cleansing-Toning-Moisturizing or CTM for daily care

Following an appropriate cleansing-toning-moisturizing routine two times a day holds utmost importance to delay the ageing process. Cleansing helps to unclog pores and encourages skin renewal and repair process. Choose a good face cleanser according to your skin type. Gel or foam based cleansers are good for normal, oily or combination skin while oil or cream based cleansers perform well on dry to extra-dry skin. The next step would be toning. Wet a cotton ball with toner and wipe your face and neck with it. This step helps to retain skin’s elasticity which is the main reason behind youthfulness of skin. The final step is moisturizing. There are dozens of facial moisturizers available in the market for every type and concern of skin. Choose according to your budget and liking. It is best to apply moisturizer after toning when the skin is still damp for better penetration of product to your skin. As someone with combination skin, I love using the Himalaya Herbals Neem face wash,  Biotique Cucumber Water toner and the Clean and Clear moisturizer.

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2. Exfoliation for skin-renewal

Exfoliation is an essential part of anti-ageing skin care regimen. It helps to remove dead skin cells from the surface of our skin and make our skin glow. Take a dollop of your favourite scrub and massage it into your face in circular movements with wet hands. Wash off after 2 minutes. You should avoid over-exfoliation as it can form minuscule scratches in your soft facial skin and cause premature ageing. You can make your own scrub at home by mixing 1 tablespoon rice flour and ½ teaspoon curd with a little honey.   

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Anti-Ageing Beauty Tips for Youthful and Healthy Skin
Anti-Ageing Beauty Tips for Youthful and Healthy Skin: Exfoliation


3. Sunscreen for protection

Harmful ultra violet rays of the sun (mainly UVA and UVB) is a cause behind many pre-mature skin ageing problems like wrinkle, dullness and pigmentation. These rays penetrate deep into our skin within a few minutes and damage the collagen layer. Due to this our skin loses elasticity and wrinkles start forming. To cater to these problems, apply a good quality sunscreen with high SPF (i.e. Sun Protection Factor) and broad spectrum protection in every exposed inch of your face and body 15-20 minutes before going out. I swear by the Lotus Herbals 3-in-1 Matte Sunscreen SPF-40.

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Anti-Ageing Beauty Tips for Youthful and Healthy Skin
Anti-Ageing Beauty Tips for Youthful and Healthy Skin


4. Night-time Pampering

Every night before getting into bed take a dollop of nourishing cream (for dry skin) or aloevera gel (for normal, oily and combination skin). Massage it to your face and neck with light hands using outwards and upward movements for 3-4 minutes. Finally wipe off the excess product with wet cotton. This step will help you to increase blood circulation and get rid of dullness and dryness.

5. Face mask for rejuvenation

Face masks and packs are really helpful to retain the firmness and elasticity of your skin. Application of firming and moisturizing face pack twice a week is very important for mature skin. So squeeze a little time from your busy schedule to pamper your skin with your favourite face pack because it is going to help you in long run. You can use store bought or homemade face masks; choice is yours. Personally, my skin loves the Patanjali Multani Mitti face pack (for deep cleansing), Aroma magic Seaweed facepack (for hydrating) and a DIY pack of oats+cucumber.

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Anti-Ageing Beauty Tips for Youthful and Healthy Skin
Anti-Ageing Beauty Tips for Youthful and Healthy Skin


6. Additional step-Facial

Try some nourishing and rejuvenating facials at home or at a good salon. It will help you to get smooth and soft skin as well as prevent pre-mature ageing.

With this I will end my post. Hope you find the tips helpful. Please share your thoughts and suggestions. Goodbye until next time!

Guest post by Sreeparna G.

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