Best Body Wash for Dry skin In India- Our Top 7 Picks!

Body washes are my favourite body care products after body lotions. I find myself biased towards body washes majorly because they are way milder than the soap bars. They freshen up the skin without ripping off skin’s moisture balance. In my opinion, the liquid body cleansers are more economic as each application needs only a dollop of product for the entire body.

In the winter months when there is a noticeable depletion in the moisture level of the skin, body washes becomes my rescuer. Here are our top 7 picks for the best body washes for dry skin easily available in India. Choose any one of these and they will give you a much more nourished and smooth skin and prevent dry skin! Let’s read on to know further.

Best Body Washes Available in India for Dry skin

Best Body Wash For Dry Skin In India

1. NIVEA Crème Care Shower Cream

Price: Rs.175 for 250ml buy here

Let’s start off with my absolute favourite shower essential by the old trusted Nivea. In my opinion, this Shower Cream is the cleanser counterpart of the original blue-tub Nivea Cream. This shower cream is basically a milky white thick liquid that smells exactly like the Nivea cream. It produces good amount of creamy froth that cleanses my skin thoroughly and I am left with soft and moisturized skin. At such an affordable price, this ph-balanced and dermatologist-approved shower cream is certainly one of the best body wash for dry skin on body.


2. Original Source Vanilla Milk & Raspberry Shower Gel

Price: Rs.299 for 250ml buy here

This is by far the best vanilla-scented body wash I had the chance to get acquainted with. The body wash is a thin creamy liquid shelf-packed in a squeeze bottle. The main constituents of this body wash are fruit extracts of Raspberry and Vanilla. Texture wise it is a thin shower cream that produces enough lather to cleanse the skin. It does not rip off all the moisture from the skin and does not leave any sticky residue over the skin either. So, I must give this 100% vegetarian product a big thumbs up☺!

Best Drugstore Body Wash In India
Best Drugstore Body Wash In India


3. Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Body Wash

Price: Rs.641 for 385ml buy here

Let me introduce you to a replenishing body cleanser from the widely appreciated hair-care brand Organix. Like one of their best-selling shampoo and conditioner, this one is also constituted with Moroccan Argan Oil. You will find many more organic constituents like sugarcane, willow bark, rice milk, and bamboo extract in its ingredient list. It is a thick transparent liquid body wash with a mild pleasant smell and excellent skin nourishing properties. This environment-friendly product helps to get rid of dryness and definitely makes it to one of the best body wash for dry skin in India .

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4. Palmolive Thermal Spa Skin Renewal Body Wash

Price: Rs.170 for 250ml buy here

This ‘Skin Renewal’ variant is said to give salon like spa experience at the convenience of your own home. If you like to have coconut or coconut milk in your beauty products, then this one is for you as it contains crushed coconut and jojoba butter. Consistency wise this is more of a shower cream with small exfoliating beads scattered in white creamy medium thick body cleanser. A friend of mine uses this. According to her, it gives a ‘feel good’ kind of bathing experience that result in nourished and supple skin for the entire day.

Best body was for dry skin in india
Best body wash for dry skin in india


5. The Body Shop Shea Shower Cream

Price: Rs.475 for 250ml buy here

Like their all time best seller body butters, The Body shop has done a nice job in the moisturising body wash department through this awesome shea-butter enriched shower cream. This off-white medium thick liquid body wash is based on four of best natural skin nourishing agents; shea butter, sunflower oil, glycerine and sesame oil. Regular application of this moisturizing body wash will replenish the moisture level of the skin for even extremely undernourished skin.

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6. Dove Deeply Nourishing Body Wash

Price: Rs.160 for 190ml buy here

Dove has a nice range of moisturising body washes for every skin type. This Deeply Nourishing variant is most effective for dry skin in winter as it has ‘skin-natural lipids’ to supply the layers of skin with nutriments. It is a thick white shower cream that produces creamy lather when rubbed with water. It has typical floral scent just like many other Dove body products. The rich formula of this body wash soothes dry skin gently that makes it one of the best body wash for dry skin and a great choice for the drying winter season!

Best body wash for dry skin in india
Best Body Washes Available in India for Dry skin


7. Forest Essentials Silkening Shower Wash Mashobra Honey and Vanilla

Price: Rs.875 for 200ml buy here

If you ask me to suggest a skin nourishing body cleanser for extremely dry skin from the luxury skin care range, I would definitely suggest this one. It is a transparent liquid bathing gel that produces mild froth for washing off every bit of external skin impurities in the gentlest manner possible. It has deep vanilla fragrance with a touch of flowery scent to it. The main constituents are extracts of aloe, wheat germ, vanilla and wild mountain honey. The formula of this shower wash is derived from ancient ayurvedic and aroma therapeutic secrets. This luxurious body wash takes care of all the dry skin on body and is a must to try if you’re looking for some of the best body wash for dry skin!

Best body wash for dry skin in india
Best body wash for dry skin in india


Do you have any favourite body wash for the winters? Share in the comments below.

Guest post by Sreeparna G.

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