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Today I will get you acquainted with some easy to make low calorie drinks. These drinks not only help you to lose weight but also to flush out toxins accumulated in your body. To get the optimal benefit you should take your drink in the morning on an empty stomach. If you want to see effective changes in 2-3 months then you should maintain regularity. Unless otherwise stated you should take a glass of your favourite low calorie drink at the same time every morning and then after a fixed gap of 45 minutes you should have your breakfast. Another thing I would like to mention here; not every drink is perfect for everyone. For example, if you have acidity problems lemon-honey water may not be a good choice as it may increase the acid level. So choose your drink considering your overall health and ailments. Please read on to know more.

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1.Lemon-Honey-Cinnamon Water

This drink is an upgraded version of your everyday lemon-honey water. With lemon and honey we are going to add pure cinnamon powder. This magical ingredient not only tones up the flavour but also help you to cure certain health issues like obesity, diabetes and PCOS.   

How to Prepare: Take 250ml lukewarm water. Add 3 tablespoon fresh lemon juice, 1-2 tablespoon honey and ¼ teaspoon finely powdered cinnamon (use cinnamon not cassia for maximum benefit) to it and stir well. Tada! Your delicious lemon-honey-cinnamon water is ready!

Best Weightloss Drinks To Kickstart Your Metabolism


2Amla-Aloe vera Juice

This drink contains two most effective ingredients to kick start your metabolism and lose some kilos in a jiffy. You just have to bear the vile taste for your own good.   

How to Prepare: Take an empty glass. Add 2 tablespoons of each of amla (Indian Gooseberry) juice and aloe vera juice in it. You can add 2 tablespoon giloy juice too. Fill the rest of the glass with water and stir well.

3. Tangy Triphala Drink

This drink is a chartbuster that will cleanse your digestive system without fail. This cleansing is very important if you want to lose some weight by increasing rate of metabolism.

How to Prepare: You can make this drink in two ways. In the first technique you have to soak dried triphala. For this case the soaking time is 7-8 hours. The second technique requires no soaking time at all. You just add 2 tablespoons triphala powder in a glass of water and stir well. Add 2 pinches of salt and ½ tablespoon honey to increase the edibility (you know what I mean if you have tried triphala water ever).

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Weight Loss Drinks That Actually Work


4. Methi-chiretta Water

This simple drink is beneficial for tackling several health and hair related problems including obesity, hair-fall, various allergies and dengue.

How to Prepare: Soak 2 tablespoon methi (fennel seed) overnight with 4-5 chiretta leaves in a glass of water. Strain it in the morning and drink. As the taste will be very bitter you can add a little bit of honey to it.

Best Weightloss Drinks To Kickstart Your Metabolism


5. Lemon-Ginger-Cucumber Infused Water

Infused waters are also called flat-tummy water because they help to cure obesity and belly bloating problem quickly. This particular combination of lemon, ginger and cucumber is suitable for everyone including diabetic people.

How to Prepare: Take 2 freshly cut slices of ginger (1/2 inch each), 2 medium slices of cucumber and 3 freshly cut slices of lemon in a wide mouthed 1lit sized bottle. Fill the rest of the bottle with plain water. Shut the lid tightly and store it in the refrigerator for 6-7 hours. Stain the water afterwards and keep sipping throughout the day. Staining is must or the drink will taste bitter due to over-infusion.

Best Weightloss Drinks To Kickstart Your Metabolism


6. Fennel seed-Brown Sugar Drink

Having this drink is very useful for calming down your digestive system after your adventure with unhealthy food the day before. You can take this drink before, after or in between your daily work-out routine also. As it contains brown sugar; it will boost up the energy level when you are doing high intensity exercises like cardio or kick-boxing.

How to Prepare: Soak 2 tablespoon fennel seed and 1 tablespoon brown sugar for 7-8 hours in 250ml water. Strain the seeds out and drink the concoction.

Best Detox Drink For Weight loss

These were a few tried and tested low-calorie (read virtually no-calorie☺☺) drinks to promote weight loss. These drinks are beneficial for your overall health and wellbeing plus most of the ingredients are from your kitchen shelf. So try them yourself and share your experience in the comments.   

Guest post by Sreeparna G.

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