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Its been while since I posted a tutorial. So today, I thought I’ll create a dark black smoky eye look for you all. I’ve used a black eyeshadow here but you can use any dark eyeshadow of your choice. Hope you like it and let’s get started!

Black Smoky Eye + Nude Lips Tutorial
Black Smoky Eye + Nude Lips Tutorial

Step 1: Start with clean and prepped eyes.

Step 2: Take a medium brown eyeshadow and define your crease.

Step 3: Take a dark/ black eyeshadow. It can be matte or with shimmer depending on how you like it. With a shader brush gently pat it on your eyelid, starting from lash line upwards, stopping slightly below the crease. With a dark smoky eye, its better not to go beyond the crease. This slight gap will give us the space needed to blend and will prevent the eyeshadow from going beyond the crease.

Black Smoky Eye + Nude Lips Tutorial
Black Smoky Eye + Nude Lips Tutorial

Step 4: Take a blending brush and with a light wind-wiper motion, blend the dark/ black eyeshadow with the medium brown in the crease. This step is the most important so take some time blending the eyeshadows. If you need some tips on how to blend the eyeshadows perfectly, read it here.

Step 5: Line your lower waterline with a black kajal/eyeliner and smudge it using the same dark/ black eyeshadow. I’ve done it lightly here but you can do it as much as you prefer. Remember, the more you smudge it, the smokier it will become.

Step 6: Line your upper lash line with a matte black gel eyeliner and create a slight wing at the end.

Black Smoky Eye + Nude Lips Tutorial
Black Smoky Eye + Nude Lips Tutorial

Step 7: Line your upper lash line and add loads of mascara. You can add a pair of false eyelashes too which will make the look even more dramatic.

Here is the final look.

Black Smoky Eye + Nude Lips Tutorial
Black Smoky Eye + Nude Lips Tutorial
Black Smoky Eye + Nude Lips Tutorial
Black Smoky Eye + Nude Lips Tutorial

Some pointers for this look

1. Take your time in blending the eyeshadows. If you find it difficult to blend, take a light brown eyeshadow on your blending brush and use it to blend all the colors together.

2. After blending, you can always go back and add more eyeshadow on the eyelid if you think the intensity of the lid color has decreased.

3. You need a high coverage concealer for this look. Any dark circles or pigmentation peeking through will spoil the whole look.

And now here is the complete list of products that I have used:


theBalm Put A Lid On It Eye Primer

MAC Prolongwear concealer in NC 30

Creep from the original NAKED palette (shimmery black eyeshadow) as a lid color

Buck from the original NAKED palette (medium brown eyeshadow) as a transition/crease color

Maybelline Dream Lumi Highlighting Concealer in Honey on top of MAC Prolongwear Concealer and to highlight under the eyebrows.


L’oreal True Match Foundation+ MAC Studio Fix Powder as a base

Maybelline Cheeky Glow Blush in Fresh Coral

theBalm Bahama Mama Bronzer

MAC Soft n Gentle as a highlight


Revlon Superlustrous Lipstick- Pink in the Afternoon

What do you think of this look? Share in the comments below.

37 Comments on Black Smoky Eye + Nude Lips Tutorial

  1. Loved the look,.. I always end up getting panda look, when I try smoky eye myself 🙂 I start with minimal and while blending it will go everywhere, the tips/pointers will definitely will help me. Thank you so much….

    • Thank you Shampita <3 I mostly used the MAC 217. Its pointed tip prevents the eyeshadows to spread more than you want. The other one was the Sigma E35

  2. you look gorgeous and this is an easy peezy eye makeup and works well for me everytime I am in a mood for black smokey eyes. however, I don’t apply the black eyeliner over it, will try it next time I do it.

  3. Ohh my my you look ravishing dear! I just love smokey eye! You know I started taking interest in makeup the moment I wanted to wear a smokey eye look! You have used great list of products as well to create the look! Awesome, keep it up <3

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