Buying shoes online- online shoe shoppingBrowsing through the internet, we all have our moments when we would love to own that pair of shoes but are crippled by the apprehension of purchasing them online. Buying shoes online has some great perks, albeit some limitations too. So today I’ll be sharing with you all some tips and tricks that can help you along the way. This will assure you have a smooth experience the next time you are purchasing your shoes online. But before I do that, let me just skim through some advantages and limitations of the process.


1. No matter what the time of year, most of the times you can find yourself some discounts and good deals when purchasing shoes online.

2. Your package is delivered right at your doorstep without you taking out the time to actually drive to different stores.

3. Most of the well-reputed online shopping portals stock a good number of brands. You can browse through and choose from a large selection of shoes in one go.

4. I don’t know if it happens with you guys, but in my experience, most of the times I can find my size or that particular style which has gone out of stock at the stores, online.


1. Different brands have different sizes. A shoe in size 7 could be uncomfortable in one brand but could fit comfortably in the other brand. Because of this, you could end up in a wrong shoe size.

2. While shopping online, you cannot try the shoes on before buying to see if they are comfortable or not, in contrast to buying them at the store where you exactly know what you are going for.

3. If you are a shopping buff like me, because of the ease of shopping from the comfort of your home, you can end up buying a lot more than you actually intended to!


1. Before purchasing your shoes online, measure you feet exactly. Stand on a piece of paper and mark a line behind your heel and in front of your longest toe. Measure this distance and round it off if you need to. Use this measurement to purchase a pair of shoes that fits you appropriately.

– Also, remember to measure both your feet. Many people have one foot longer than the other and you should purchase a size that will comfortably fit your longer foot.

– Make sure you’re clear if what you need are wide-toed shoes or narrow-toed shoes.

2. Make a list of exactly which shoes you want to buy so as to avoid impulsive purchasing and end up with multiple pairs.

3. Check the sales and return policy of the online shopping portal you’ll be purchasing from. Contact their customer support or seller if you need to have some clarity. Make sure what certain terms in their policy exactly mean. Under what circumstances do they offer a return? Will they give store credit or a refund?

4. Every brand has a different way of designing their shoes. Know the brand’s tendencies. Are their shoes a little larger than compared to same size shoes from the other brands. Is the sole they use in their shoes a little too hard sometimes.

5. Avoid buying shoes under the ‘final sale’ policy unless you have tried the exact shoes before. Otherwise you risk yourself of being stuck with a useless pair of shoes.

6. Speaking of trying, most stores sell shoes on the retail price unless there is a sale going on. In such a case, you can always try the shoes at the store and if you like them, come back home and look for those exact shoes online for a great deal. Since you’ve already tried them, you know you’re not going to wind up with a dud.

7. Don’t just fall in love with the style. Look for what material it is made of and even the reviews if you have an option.

8. Do not confuse the US sizes with UK sizes. A UK size 7 might be a US size 9. Refer to the online conversion tables if you need to convert one kind to another.

9. Lastly, when purchasing branded shoes online, look for deals on reputed shopping portals. Even if you have to shell out some extra bucks (as compared to a parallel deal going on somewhere else), you know you won’t wind up with a fake product.

And now when you know these tips and tricks and are confident of shopping for shoes online, you can go check out some great branded shoes like the Bacca Bucci Shoes here.

Happy shopping!

Do you have any favourite tips and tricks you follow when buying shoes online? Share in the comments below.

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  1. Nice tips. I have broad and last size feet, sometimes it’s difficult get shoes after the live try in the store 🙁 I have bought shoes online….

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