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how to contour different types of nose shapes

Tuesday Tips n Tricks (Vol.4): 7 Makeup Tricks You Probably Didn’t Know That Make A Huge Difference To Your Look!!!

Hey Guys! I am back with Volume 4 of the ‘Tuesday Tips n Tricks’ series. In this post I’ll be talking about some makeup tricks that can have an immense effect on your overall look. These tricks are quite simple and most of them do not require more than 30 seconds of your time. Here we go! 1. […] Read more…

how to apply eyeshadows

Tuesday Tips n Tricks (Vol. 3): 10 Quick Tips on How To Apply Eyeshadows- The ULTIMATE CHEAT SHEET

Hi Guys! So if you have been wondering where I had disappeared in these last few days from the blog, here’s why. I started swimming after a short hiatus and I don’t know, after coming from the pool, all I can do is sleep like a baby the whole day! Well, except when I’ve been […] Read more…

Tuesday Tips n Tricks (Vol. 1): How To Avoid and Fix Concealer From Creasing

Concealers occupy a must-have place in my vanity. I’m sure they must in yours too! But if there is one thing that almost every girl dreads about them, it is creasing. Even my absolutely favourite concealer of all time, MAC Prolongwear creases. So I’ll be sharing a few pointers on how to avoid their creasing […] Read more…

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