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Super teas for gorgeous skin

3 Super Teas That Promise You A Glowing Skin Naturally!

3 Ultimate Tea Recipes For A Naturally Beautiful, Glowing Skin  Hello My Lovelies Summers have kicked in: full throttle and so have our skin woes. Pigmentation, tanning, patchy dull skin, irritation and the list goes on. Hours and hours and hours of rummaging through blogs and pages, the hunt for that one all-in-all Holy Grail product which […] Read more…

Tomato For Acne

Using Tomato for Acne Prone Skin: 9 Awesome DIY face masks!

9 Awesome DIY Face Masks for Using Tomato for Acne Prone Skin Tomatoes are one food that are easily available in everyone’s kitchens. And why wouldn’t they be? From their cancer-protective role to preventing heart disease, they are certainly a super-food! While their health benefits are known to all, did you know that tomatoes are also highly efficient in skincare […] Read more…

10 Facial Exercises for a Perfectly Sculpted Face

Facial Yoga- 10 Facial Exercises for a Perfectly Sculpted Face

Very few people on this earth have perfectly sculpted faces. Even the gorgeous Bollywood and Hollywood divas whom we often take as role models are not free from those little imperfections. In fact, we often see them trying various cosmetic or surgical procedures to achieve flawless faces. Although the clinical facial-feature correcting is quick and […] Read more…

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