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Homemade Duraline

DIY: Homemade Duraline

Hello everyone! Hope you all are in the pink of health. There are certain makeup products which you keep on buying because they are so good and you can’t seem to find an alternative. This so happens to me. Whenever I like a particular product, I stick to it throughout the passage of time until the brand […] Read more…

How To Look Like A Victoria Secret Model: Makeup, Skin & Hair Inspiration

How To Look Like A Victoria’s Secret Model: Makeup, Skin & Hair Inspiration

I’ve always been awe-struck by how beautifully the Victoria Secret models have their makeup on. These days when harsh contouring/highlighting, neon lip colors and obvious makeup have become the norm, its amazing how these models can perfect the clean, radiant and a fresh makeup look that looks naturally gorgeous. Is it just their envy-inducing genetics […] Read more…

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