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I am here today with the concluding step, which is announcing the winner of the contest that we held a few days ago. Most of you participated with such enthusiasm that it became quite difficult to choose one winner amongst you all. To give a little insight, the process of choosing the winner involved shortlisting according to your involvement with the blog & social media, your answers and of course, the fulfilment of mandatory entries needed to enter this contest. With all this, we landed up with not one but quite a few of you who had done a lot of hard work in your own unique ways! And at this step, all we could do was to pick up a winner randomly. And this is the lucky name that came up.

winnner facebook 6.5k

Congratulations Sumita!!! Please email me at komal{at}abeautypalette{dot}com within 24 hours to claim your prize. Do remember to email me from the email you have entered the contest with.

Thank you everyone for your zealous participation! I was truly amazed at how much efforts you put in for this contest. Some of you went really out of your way to contribute, especially on Instagram and Twitter. And most of all, I had a lot of fun connecting with you all. Looking forward to your support in the future too. I wish I could gift all of you for your efforts but unfortunately I don’t have the finances πŸ˜› Anyway, there is always a next time!

P.S- Unfollowing or spamming on the email or the social media after the results will get you banned from entering all the future contests and giveaways.

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