How To Make Your Own DIY Makeup Remover with Only 3 Ingredients

Applying good-quality makeup is a costly business in India but removing that makeup with a proper makeup cleanser is even costlier. Though I prefer cleansing milks for getting rid of my water-proof makeup, I have tried a few cleansing oils and bi-phased makeup removers as well.

From my experience I have found that almost all bi-phased makeup removers work in the same way. One part of it consists of a layer of an oil for dissolving water-proof makeup and the second layer serves the purpose of cleaning up the accumulated impurities and washable makeup. This revelation intrigued me to make my own version of a bi-phased makeup remover of which I am going to share the recipe today. My homemade makeup cleanser uses minimum investment and just two main supplies; a mild liquid cleanser and any skin-friendly oil. Can’t wait to make your own version of this DIY Makeup Remover? Then read on.

DIY Makeup Remover

What You Can Expect from this DIY Bi-Phased Makeup Remover?

This DIY Makeup Cleanser will

1.Remove all of your makeup (even the water-proof kind!)

2. Clean off all the dirt and greasiness accumulated during the day

The Ingredients

1. Water: Water is considered as the best cleanser and the best toner. Any kind of cleansing is almost impossible without water. And that’s why water is the first ingredient in this DIY makeup remover. I have used purified drinking water but plain tap water would do as well. However, it is best not to use hard water because hard water lacks cleansing capability.

2. Liquid Cleanser: Liquid cleanser mixed with water makes for an effective cleansing base that has the capability to remove washable makeup. I am using a no more tears baby shampoo today because I love its smell. I tried various other clarifying face washes for this recipe too and all of them gave equally good results. So, you can use any cleanser you like. If you want your makeup cleanser to be all organic, you can also use Reetha or Soapnut pulp.

3. Oil: The third ingredient in this DIY makeup remover is an oil that can dissolve and remove water-proof makeup completely. As I mentioned in the beginning, any skin-friendly oil or a carrier oil like Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Almond Oil or Olive Oil can serve this purpose. I am using a Baby Oil here which has mineral oil in it. I use Mineral Oil because it stays on top of the skin’s surface. I have very acne-prone skin and majority of natural oils cause my skin to breakout since the first application itself. Thats’s why I’m using a mineral oil based product that does not penetrate deep into the skin and promote oiliness. I make sure to cleanse my face afterwards too which also makes sure that all the residual oil and makeup are washed away.

DIY Makeup Remover

How To Make Your Own DIY Makeup Remover


The recipe is quite simple and you can easily prepare it in less than 5 minutes. We are going to prepare a makeup remover with 2 layers of liquid cleanser; one layer will be a water-based kind and the other will be an oil-based. Here are the steps-

1.Take ½ cup water in a plastic or glass bowl (avoid metallic containers as it may hamper the composition of the ingredients).

DIY Makeup Remover


2. Add 3 tablespoon liquid cleanser to this water and stir until the cleanser gets dissolved completely.

DIY Makeup Remover


3. Finally add ¼ cup of the oil to finish the preparation.

DIY Makeup Remover

Now pour the concoction in a clean bottle for future use. Again you are advised to avoid metal bottles.


Since this makeup remover has a dual phase, you need to thoroughly blend the mixture before use. For this, shake the container till the oil and the water get mixed temporarily. Soak a cotton round or a cotton pad in the liquid and rub gently to the skin to take off makeup. If you have heavy makeup on, you may have to go a second time with a new cotton pad to clear off the entire makeup.

Precautions & Additional Tips

1.To steer clear of the adverse effects or allergetic reactions you must choose a previously tested cleanser and oil. Oily skinned beauties should follow this DIY makeup remover up with a mild skin cleanser.

2. If you want your makeup remover to smell good you may add 2 drops of your favourite essential oil or 1 teaspoon rose water to the concoction.

3. You may add 1/2 teaspoon aloe vera gel for skin calming effects.

Guest post by Sreeparna G.

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    • It is more like a 2 step cleansing punched together. It is always good to use oil then cleanser but some days I get a bit lazy and this one is what I reach for in those days…

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