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Hope you all are in the pink of health. There are certain makeup products which you keep on buying because they are so good and you can’t seem to find an alternative. This so happens to me. Whenever I like a particular product, I stick to it throughout the passage of time until the brand actually stops making it. It is when I start looking for alternatives. Something like this happened with my all-time favorite- Inglot Duraline. There’s only one Inglot store in my city and most of the time, basic products are out of stock. I wanted Inglot Duraline for a long time after I finished my first bottle but they hardly stock it up.

So I called up a friend who is a makeup artist in Delhi and she is literally a magician with these makeup items. She advised me to make a homemade version of Inglot Duraline that would work equally well with eyeshadows and gel liners. I was a bit skeptical initially, but I tried it out with one of the worst pigmented eyeshadow palettes and I have to say, I was spellbound! I literally couldn’t believe my eyes how beautiful it turned out to be and I thought of sharing with you guys. So here’s the cheap, homemade dupe of Inglot Duraline.

Homemade Duraline


  • Glycerin.
  • Rose Water (best if homemade)
  • Mixing Palette
  • A clean eyeshadow Brush

    Homemade Duraline
    Homemade Duraline

Steps Involved

Homemade Duraline- steps
Homemade Duraline

1. Take a mixing palette and make sure it is thoroughly cleaned. If not, wipe it off with any sanitizer and let it dry on its own. An unhygienic palette can cause infections, so please be aware.

2. Take few drops of rose water or spray a little bit on the pan.

3. Add 1 drop of glycerin.

* It should in the ratio of 1:3 of glycerin and rose water

4. Mix well to form a semi-thick consistency similar to that of a gel.

Homemade Duraline
Homemade Duraline

5. Dip the eyeshadow brush slightly to absorb it well. Wipe off the excess on the back of your hand.

6. Now, dip the brush on the eyeshadow palette or pigment.

7 & 8. Swatch on the hand or eyes and see how pigmented it looks. I have already swatched the ‘with or without’ duraline and you can see the difference for yourself.

How to use it?

For eyeshadow

Often we end up buying eyeshadows that are low pigmented and hardly show up on the eye lids. Scrap out some eyeshadow or pigment powder in a palette and add a drop of Duraline in it. Your eye shadows will be richly pigmented. It is easier to blend and lasts long. The glycerin helps the eyeshadow adhere well on the lids without getting oily or smudgy. The rose water, when mixed with glycerin, takes away the viscous nature of the glycerin and prevents oiliness or smudging.

homemade duraline
Comparison swatches of some eyeshadows with and without the homemade duraline

For mascara, gel liners and liquid liners

Don’t you hate it when gel liners dry out so quickly? Well, from Bobbi Brown to Maybelline, I have tried and tested everything but nothing stays forever. By adding a drop of Duraline or two will renew the product and it will be as good as a new one. This goes for mascaras and liquid liners as well. Just make sure to add a drop or half – not more than that.

For foundation and concealers

This is an excellent moisturiser cum primer for the dry to normal skin. It will help makeup to last longer, hydrate the skin and will blend foundation and concealer like a dream. It works best if you use a sponge to blend rather than a brush.

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Additional Tips

  • Don’t expect it to dry up on the skin as quickly as the original Duraline. It takes sometime but surely dries up.
  • You can also prepare this solution in a small sanitized dropper bottle and use it whenever you want.
  • Make sure you finish it off within a month.
  • It will work for every skin type and won’t get greasy or oily over the passage of time. It basically acts as a primer.

Guest post by Sanchita D

26 Comments on DIY: Homemade Duraline

    • Thanks Purva 🙂 If there’s a chance do purchase the Duraline, it’s awesome. Otherwise go with this 😛

  1. That was a much needed thing…I would be getting Duraline but this just s awesome..Need it for gel eyeliner…Lovely diy..

    • Hey! You can use a mixing plate, take 1-2 drops of duraline on it, dip a brush in the pigment/sparkle and mix it with duraline on the plate. Then apply this mixture wherever you want.

  2. Are. You. Kidding??? This is me RUNNING to the store to buy some glycerine. A 6 oz bottle goes for about 6 bucks. Wow can’t wait to try it out for myself. Thank you!

  3. Can we make spray of the same content
    How long this mixture we can keep. Or every time we need to prepare as needed

  4. I’m going to bump Manisha Sungare’s comment, because I also want to know:

    “Can we make spray of the same content
    How long this mixture we can keep. Or every time we need to prepare as needed”

    Is this something by ratio that we can make a tiny bottle of to keep, to use as needed? Must it be made every time? I travel a lot and cannot see mixing this up in hotels every time I apply eyeshadow before leaving the house.

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