How to Choose the Right Facial According to Your Skin’s Needs

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Now-a-days various facials are available at salons or in home-kits. I have seen many ladies getting confused when it comes to deciding what is best. Today we will be discussing about how we can decide what facial to go for considering our skin’s needs. First we should ask ourselves what facial actually is. Facial is a step-by-step cosmetic treatment procedure done by hand or gadget(s) to cater various problems and enhance overall health of your facial skin. Cleansing, exfoliation, massage and application of face pack are the basic steps of a standard facial. Facials should be done at a good salon or at the comfort of your own home ( if you know correct massage techniques and have a good home facial kit). Now to know the best facial that would benefit your skin type, keep reading.


Fruit facial is perhaps the most popular facial in the beauty empire. Every beauty conscious brat has tried it at least once in some salon or in their homes with kitchen ingredients.  Papaya, banana, lemon, aloe vera are some common fruits used in making facials. Papaya facial removes suntan and blemishes. Banana facial nourishes dry skin. Aloe vera and lemon facials help to calm the acne redness and make face oil-free. I always opt for lotus salon series fruit facial when I am visiting a salon. While at home I use fruit facial kits from VLCC, Lotus Herbals or Nature’s Essence. 

Best Facial for your skintype
How to Choose the Best Facial for Your Skintype: Fruit and Home Facial



Gold facial works wonders for all skin types and makes skin radiant and glowing from the first session itself. This is the reason that most of the time when I have a party to attend in 2-3 days, I opt for it. Gold helps in increasing collagen production and restoring elastin fibres in our skin. Due to the anti-inflammatory property of gold this facial also helps to calm your skin and get rid of redness.


Chocolate facial works wonders for dry and matured skin. Chocolate is enriched in anti-oxidants that encourage renewal and healing process of skin from within. Due to collagen boosting properties of chocolate this facial helps to fade marks and blemishes.

Best Facial for your skintype
How To Choose The Best Facial for your skintype- Chocolate Facial


Since ancient times the medicinal properties of silver are cultivated. Silver acts as a skin purifier and a natural defoliant. Silver facial is recommended to people who want to detoxify their skin. It is suitable for every type of skin.   


There is no comparison of pearl facial to bring brightness and radiance to your face. This facial suits best for oily skin. Dry skinned people can try but the level of effectiveness varies person to person. Sensitive skinned beauties please stay away from it because pearl powder can cause allergic reaction to your delicate skin.


Wine facial is very popular among mature skinned people. Whenever I visit salon I see someone or the other is having a wine facial. It is one of my mom’s favourite too. After getting good results with it at salon she tried it at home. This time also she got notably good results. This facial helps to fight dryness of skin; fades tan and pigmentation.

How To Choose The Best Facial for your skintype
How to Choose the Best Facial for Your Skintype- Wine Facial


This lesser known facial can be a boon to combination skinned beauties. Platinum facial uses platinum colloids that work at the cellular level to boost up the skin from within. It freshens up the skin and helps to retain moisture.


Another anti-ageing facial in the line is a diamond facial. This one also performs really well like the wine facial with added goodness of skin purification. If you are facing dullness, wrinkles or fine lines for some time now and have a few extra bucks at hand; try this, you will not be disappointed!(The feel good factor of having a DIAMOND facial is a sure thing if you ask me!


Essential oils extracted from various plants are the main ingredient of aromatherapy facials. Just like fruit facials lots of options are available in this kind of facial. For example, lemongrass, eucalyptus facials are good for oily and acne-prone skin whereas rose, orange facials are great for dry skin. Facials with lavender oil works on every type of skin. Although aromatherapy facials are said to be good for every skin type; I would not recommend this to a sensitive skinned one because essential oils are present in these facials in higher concentration which may further irritate your already irritated skin. (I once got a swollen face the day after my facial session!)


Skin-renewal is encouraged in oxygen facial with the help of gaseous oxygen. It smoothes facial skin and brings lasting healthy glow to dull skin. This facial is extremely helpful for people with sensitive skin as well as people whose skin is exposed to polluted environment for long time. This facial is also a temporary but side-effect free substitute of facial skin enhancement procedures like Botox.

How To Choose The Best Facial for your skintype
How to Choose the Best Facial for Your Skintype- Oxygen Facial


The post is already so long that I should take your leave now or you will get bored. Don’t forget to share your favourite facial. Bye!

Guest post by Sreeparna G.

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  1. I have a Fair oily skin with acne scars and pimples ..what facial I should try that would give me a radiant glow and pimple free skin

  2. hi I have combination skin type..after one month I m getting can u plzz suggest me which facial suit on my skin

  3. I have fair n sensitive skin but my skin got loose due to some health issues, which facial is best for me to find youthful n tight, glowing skin

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