Leggings are a staple in almost every girl’s wardrobe. But the way they are styled can have a huge impact on how much they can enhance your look. And the hack to rocking them every single time is to know the best way to style them according to YOUR body shape. To know what the most flattering way for you is, keep reading…

1. Apple Shape

If you are ‘top heavy’ which means you have a fuller torso and waist with skinny legs aka apple shape, then this is for you. Try wearing a loose tunic with a pair of tight leggings. The loose tunic will skim past your mid-section and the leggings help you flaunt your thin, shapely legs. Although monochromatic leggings look great for this look, a pair of printed leggings will draw even more attention to your legs and lift off any unnecessary attention from your upper body.how to wear leggings for apple shape

2. Pear Shape

If you are narrower on the top but have a wide hip area, then your body shape is described as  being pear-shaped. A bright colored tunic or dress that fits your upper body but flares below the waist paired with some ankle-length leggings is the way to go! Keep the leggings dark and in a solid dark color. Find leggings in a material that does not have any sheen to it and is opaque and not sheer. This paired with a bright colored dress over it will draw all the attention to your narrower upper body.

how to wear leggings for different body shapes

3. Hourglass/Curvy

If you have an hourglass body shape, you know your waist is your biggest asset. Team up a dress that narrows around your waist with a pair of ankle length leggings. You can also try a tunic with a bright colored belt to flaunt your waist. This look can be worn as a monochromatic look, as in the same color of your dress and leggings or you can wear a print. When reaching out for prints/ patterns, just make sure to wear it either on the top or on the bottom, never both.how to wear leggings for different body shapes

4. Rectangle/Ruler

Team up a flowy dress or a long top with a belt at the waist and a pair of leggings. Or try a brighter colored flared skirt as you can see in the picture below. The belt will help create the illusion of curves. A pair of semi-sheer leggings will highlight your thin, shapely legs even more.how to wear leggings for different body shapes

5. Short-Heighted

Jean leggings or Jeggings is a cool way to elongate your legs if you have a shorter height. Or you can wear a short skirt or a long top that falls just below your hip area with a dark pair of leggings. In both cases, make sure you match the color of you jeggings/ leggings with the shoes you wear. This monochromatic scheme will create the appearance of longer legs and make you look taller.how to wear leggings for different body shapes

6. Tall Women

Flaunt your long legs with a great pair of ankle-length leggings under a short tunic, skirt or dress. You can also try a long, solid-colored shirt with a printed pair of leggings. You do not need to match your shoes to your leggings here. Both these looks will help show off your long legs even more.how to wear leggings for different body shapes

And if you want to give the appearance of a shorter height for some occasion, try pairing some calf-length leggings by themselves or under a short skirt like you can see the picture below.how to wear leggings for different body shapes

Now that you know how you can best style your leggings, take your pick girls! You can check out some great affordable Oleva leggings here.

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  1. I like wearing leggings in summers..only thing i hate with the trend is the really short kurtis with skin tight leggings!

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