How To Look Like A Victoria's Secret Model: Makeup, Skin & Hair Inspiration
How To Look Like A Victoria’s Secret Model: Makeup, Skin & Hair Inspiration

I’ve always been awe-struck by how beautifully the Victoria Secret models have their makeup on. These days when harsh contouring/highlighting, neon lip colors and obvious makeup have become the norm, its amazing how these models can perfect the clean, radiant and a fresh makeup look that looks naturally gorgeous. Is it just their envy-inducing genetics or something else that goes on behind the scenes to create that perfection? Here are some practical beauty tips and tricks from the models themselves which we can all learn from and apply in our daily beauty regime.

1. Carry a small spray bottle of rosewater with you and spray it on your face often to have your skin glow from within. It does not mess with your makeup and maintains the ph of the skin.

2. To eliminate that flat matte foundation look and make your makeup look more natural, mix in a little bit of moisturizer with your foundation on the back of your hand. The moisturizer will give the necessary dewiness to prevent the foundation from looking cakey and unnatural.

3. Apply a bright cream blush (like the Kryolan Aquacolor in 079) before you apply foundation. That is, right after you moisturize and prime your skin. This will help your skin to soak in the product. Then apply your foundation just as you usually would. This way your blush peaks out naturally from underneath your foundation giving your skin that glow from within look.

4. Always fill your eyebrows. They define your entire face.

5. Place a shopping card or a playing card behind your lashes. When you apply your mascara, push your lashes against this card. This trick will give you much more thicker and longer lashes.

6. Before taking a picture, always powder your face with a light layer of translucent powder. If you don’t like using powder to blot off excess shine on your face, here’s a trick. Take a thin tissue and place it over your face. Add some powder over the tissue to enhance its blotting power. This will suck out all the excess shine from your face and still prevent it from that powdery cakey look.

7. Always use an eye cream. The skin around your eyes is thinner and needs much more moisture.

8. Use a tinted lip balm on your cheeks. It will give you the most natural, healthy flushed look.

9. Instead of a black eye pencil, use a cream or nude eyeliner in your lower waterline to brighten your eyes. For an even more radiant look, use your highlighter or a shimmery eyeshadow in the inner corners on your eyes.

How To Look Like A Victoria's Secret Model: Makeup, Skin & Hair Inspiration
How To Look Like A Victoria’s Secret Model: Makeup, Skin & Hair Inspiration

10. Make some herbal tea, cool it down, dip some cotton pads in it and freeze them. Use these in the morning to tone your face and calm the skin.

11. To get rid of clumps in your mascara, get a little mascara comb and comb through your eyelashes just after you apply your mascara.

12. For a perfect red lip, clean up the edges with a concealer.

13. Drink warm water first thing in morning. It clears up your face. Try it for the next 2-3 weeks and you will surely notice a difference!

14. For a clear, healthy skin drinks lots of coconut water. Eat plenty of avocado and salmon to keep it well nourished.

15. Spray the hair with a fine mist of salt water to make your locks look amazing. It is an inexpensive way to achieve an instant, ‘just off the beach’ look.

16. Use a bronzer on your sockets and cheekbones to give your face an instant warmth.

17. Use fake individual eyelashes to thicken your lashes as an easy glam which looks much more natural than using a full lash strip.

18. To perfect that classic makeup of a Victoria’s Secret model, stay away from hard lines. Also stay away from harsh contouring but use a bronzer, blush and a highlighter in moderation. Blend, blend and blend until everything blends into your skin.

19. Take a small quantity of lip gloss. Dab it in the centre of your lips with your finger for that luscious lip look!

Which of the above was your favourite beauty tip? Share in the comments below.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these ah-mazing tips! I like the idea of spraying rose water after every few hours, no doubt it’s refreshing 🙂

  2. The beauty tip 3 [Apply a bright cream blush before you apply foundation] is my favorite. I have never heard or read about this, and super excited to try this. I always over do the blush, so this will make sure I will avoid it,.. 🙂 Thank you,…

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