GM Diet: Everything you need to know +Modifications Included

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I always like eating filling meals. Hunger makes me dizzy and my head aches badly. That is why I do not do crash diets at all. Last year I decided to try the GM diet as I had to lose a few kilos. The original plan of this diet was a bit tough for me so I made a few modifications here and there to make it feasible for me. Today I will share everything I know about the original GM diet along with my experience with the customised version. Please read on to know more.


What is GM Diet?

The GM or General Motors diet is a 7-day weight loss plan that also promises detoxification by incorporating restrictions in nutriments. This 7 day calorie slashing plan is said to have been introduced by the famous car company General Motors Inc. Although this general belief about the origin of this popular diet plan is not proven; the effectiveness is certainly proven by the testimonials flooding the internet.

The GM Diet Plan
The GM Diet Plan


Who can follow GM Diet?

People who have obesity with no particular long-term ailments (like diabetes, hypertension etc.) can follow this short-term diet. This diet is strictly prohibited for children, teenagers and pregnant women.

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What do you have to do?

In this diet you have to abide by certain rules while choosing food items. For example, there will be a day when you have to eat fruits only. You do not have the choice to replace any allowed thing with a prohibited thing for that day. You will see a new set of allowances and restrictions each day to replace rules of the previous day. In this way the plan will continue for a total 7 days. After this period you have to get back to a normal eating routine mandatorily. You have to eat healthy and exercise properly as maintenance afterwards. You cannot continue with this routine for more than the permitted days. If you want to lose some more weight you have to wait for at least 3 months before taking up this 7 day challenge again after finishing it once.

The 7-Day GM Diet Plan
The 7-Day GM Diet Plan


Basic Layout of GM Diet Plan

Here is the schedule of original GM diet. Do not include any more restrictions to this as it may injure your overall health. You may loosen the rules up to some extent (with healthy foods of course) but this way your weightloss will be a bit less (like me). I took a little homemade rice and soup as lunch and dinner in the prohibited days to energise myself.

Day-1 Fruit Day: For GM diet day 1, you are permitted to eat any fruit (except banana) as much as you can. Fruits with larger water content like muskmelon and watermelon should be your preference. 8-10 glasses of water are mandatory for your day 1.

Day-2 Vegetable Day: On the second day you will have to eat only raw or cooked vegetables as much as you can. Use no oil while cooking vegetables. Again in this day you have to take 8-10 glasses of water.

Day-3 Fruit + Vegetable Day: On the third day you will be eating both fruits and vegetables with no limitation in quantity avoiding only potato and banana. The rule regarding water intake will be same as before.

Day-4 Banana & Milk Day: On the fourth day also, the rule regarding water will remain the same. You have to eat bananas and drink milk. You can have 8-12 bananas and 3-4 glasses of milk .

Day-5 Protein and Vegetable Day: Feast with 6 tomatoes, a small bowl cooked brown rice (optional), some lean meat (chicken breast or fish), cottage cheese, sprouts and kidney beans on the fifth day. Increase water intake to 12-15 glasses to wash out the uric acid generated from all the protein intake.

Day-6The sixth day is similar to the fifth day but tomatoes are not mandatory.

Day-7: The seventh day is also similar to the previous two days (only fruit juice is the new inclusion) but you have to stay out of animal proteins, potatoes and bananas.

Special tip- You can satisfy your food cravings by having cabbage soup on the 5, 6 and 7th day.

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The GM Diet Plan
Everything you needed to know about the 7-day GM Diet Plan


How does GM diet work?

The GM diet helps to reduce stubborn body-fat by introducing drastic changes in normal food habits via allowance-restraint mechanism. Toxins are often stored in the fat cells of our body. This diet encourages rapid fat loss thus reducing toxin levels.

What should you expect from the GM Diet Plan?

This diet is said to reduce 3-5 kg weight in 7 days. I lost 3kg in 7 days with my modified version.

The GM Diet Plan
The GM Diet Plan


Have you ever followed GM diet or any other specific diet plan? Please share your experience if you have. You are welcome to share your thoughts too. 

Guest post by Sreeparna G.

Disclaimer: The writer has narrated her own experience with the above diet plan. It is advisable that before making any changes to your own diet, kindly consult your doctor.
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12 Comments on GM Diet: Lose Weight in 7 Days +Modifications Included

  1. I had followed the GM diet before my marriage,.. I lost 3 to 4 kgs. I’m planning to start it again this month. Nice post,..

  2. did this twice and failed horribly at it… soon going to start this again with the determination of sticking through it till day 7… and of course lil bit of exercise won’t hurt right 🙂

    • I did not do any exercise because I had other medical complications. So I am not the best one when it comes to exercising while on GM diet. Keep just one thing in mind…health should be the first and foremost priority…

  3. I think the modified version of this will work for me as I can’t stand too strict diets like fruits all day and veggies all day. I get dizzy with headaches.

  4. Wow! Thank you very much for this GM diet . It is my first time to see this kind of die, and I would definitely try this is the near future after I’ve finished my ongoing diet. I also excited of the fact that I can eat as much as I can. In my diet, I’m restricting myself to eat as much as I can but O think with this kind of diet I can eat as much as I can handle. Thank you!

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