MAKEUP HACKS1. Use a piece of cellotape to pick up any undesired glitter that falls off during your eyeshadow application. Its a good idea to reduce the adhesiveness of the cellotape by first pressing it against the back of your hand and then using it to pick up the fallouts.

2. Whenever touching up your makeup with a compact or loose powder, first use a dry tissue to absorb any excess oil on your face. This way you’ll have to use much less powder and it will prevent a caked-up look.

3. How many of us are guilty of wearing waterproof mascara everyday? I know I am! Wearing waterproof mascara everyday dries out your eyelashes and will thin them out in the long run. But if you have watery eyes like me, it seems like the only option. But there actually is a way around this where you don’t have to compromise.

Keep 2 mascaras in your makeup kit- one washable and the other waterproof. Apply the washable mascara first and then top it off with the waterproof version. Applying the washable version first makes sure your lashes do not come in contact with harmful chemicals. And topping it off with the waterproof version will seal the mascara and prevent any smudges during the day. It is a little extra step but worth a shot if it helps maintain healthy eyelashes.

4. If you’re finished with your mascara, don’t throw it away yet. Take a sharp pair of scissors and cut the mascara wand at the point where it attaches to the lid. You should be left with something like as shown in the picture below. Thoroughly clean and sanitise this wand. Voila! Use this mascara wand to brush through your eyelashes after you’ve applied your mascara for a clump-free look. Alternatively, you can also use it as a spoolie when you groom and fill out your eyebrows.

Makeup Hacks
Makeup Hacks

5. If you are on a budget and don’t want to spend a lot on an eyeliner brush, use a 000 (or any thinnest possible) paintbrush for your eyeliner application. It gives the same results for a lot less money. I’m a firm believer in investing in my makeup tools, but this one is an exception. 

Bonus– Using a good quality 000 paintbrush gives a much thinner line than most branded eyeliner brushes.

6. Lets face it. Putting on a neat & crisp winged eyeliner can sometimes be too hard. For such instances, dip a cotton bud in your makeup remover and gently clean the edges of your eyeliner. After this, take some concealer on an angled brush and apply it just beneath the wing to further enhance the neatness.

7. If you don’t have a concealer that is the same shade as your foundation to cover blemishes/ acne, use this simple trick. After covering the blemishes with any shade concealer that you have, cover them with a very thin layer of your foundation. This will match and blend them with the rest of your face.


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