10 Most Handsome Turkish Top Actors


I fondly remember it was in 2000 that my heart palpitated on seeing someone of the opposite s*x on the silver screen. His smile lit up the 77 mm screen, his smirk exuded naughtiness, his dance moves gave all the top-notch actors a run for their money (he had a signature step in one of the songs that has been aped since then)… he was an out-and-out package, blessed in every arena. I was 7 then and the reason behind my racing heartbeat then, was the Greek God- Hrithik Roshan. My first crush… Didn’t I remind of you of your first crush? Don’t shrug off your shoulders in denial. I know your lips creased into a smile while those cheeks turned a hint of pink.

16 years down the line and while Duggu has only risen on the desirability metre, the realisation has dawned upon me that there are more men out there who have cast, more or less, a similar spell on me. Of late, with the advent of Zee Zindagi channel on the regressive Indian TV, our vision has been taken care of thanks to all the breath takingly good-looking men gracing our TV screens, particularly Turkish men. So, let’s have a brief rundown of those 10 Turkish Men who set temperatures soaring with their charm, wit, acting chops, appeal and of course, appearances. Ladies, switch on the ‘drool button’ and watch your breath!

1. ENGIN AKYUREK– Accuse me of being biased but he is my first Turkish crush, so I had to be biased in putting him on the top! Ladies, feat your eyes to this debonair blend of genes who has been touted as ‘Turkey’s most handsome man’ for years. With kind eyes that stare straight into one’s soul, a husky but intoxicating voice, raw s*x appeal oozing added to oodles of suaveness, Engin Akyurek is the poster boy of all things desirable in a man. With a resounding fan following more so amongst the female populace, he ranks incredibly high on the desirability charts. Author-backed performances in Fatmagulun Sucu Ne and Kara Para Ask made him a favourite of the critics. A recent feather in his cap is the Best Actor award bestowed upon him at the Seoul International Drama Awards 2015.

10 Most Handsome Turkish Top Actors: engin-akyurek

2. BUGRA GULSOY– The epitome of cuteness and coquettishness, Bugra Gulsoy makes your heart skip a beat as his lips crease into a disarming smile. With a warm persona, he instills life into his characters, making him an actor one cannot turn a blind eye to. Best known for his villainous act in Fatmagulun Sucu Ne where his character underwent a paradigm shift midway (that was legit!), he followed up with an effervescent performance in an out-and-out rom-com- Kuzney Guney. Sigh over his smile, ladies. You have got your reasons!

10 Most Handsome Turkish Top Actors: bugra-gulsoy

3. ENGIN OZTURK– Exuding an air of mystery and oodles of rugged s*x appeal, Engin Ozturk arrives on our list and how! Infusing madness and heinousness in his first role as an antagonist, Engin rose to fame and following with Fatmagulun Sucu Ne.


4. KIVANC TATLITUG– Brace yourselves for the man with features carved to perfection is here- Kivanc Tatlitug. Essaying a role opposite Turkey’s most famous actress, the sultry Beren Saat in Ask-i-Memnu, 2008-2010 Kivanc and Beren were lauded for their sizzling chemistry. Well, if the most mesmeric actress is paired opposite a man who looks every inch drool-worthy, the chemistry is bound to be crackling. Need we see more about his jawline, ladies?


5. CAGATAY ULUSOY– A rare and exquisite blend of cuteness and machismo, Cagatay Ulusoy is a Turkish model and actor known for his roles as Emir Sarrafoğlu in the hit TV series Adini Feriha Koydum (2011–2012) and Yaman Koper in Medcezir (2013–2015). In the former, this dashing Turk kindled the TV screen with his sizzling on-screen camaraderie with Layla Hazal Kaya- one of Turkey’s most sought-after actresses. You can spare a minute to slobber over him!


6. KAAN TASANER– Widely known for his antagonistic avatar in Fatmagulun Sucu Ne, Kaan Tasaner brings not just spectacular acting chops to the table but also a sense of notoriety courtesy his appealing visage. With just the raising of one of his eyebrows, you know there is something cooking in his Machiavellian mind. Something sinister. Something dark but something that wouldn’t let you leave your place till he lays his cards on the table. Evil yet enticing, this man is mystique-personified.


7. FIRAT CELIK– Blend Turkish and German genes… what do you get? A rare and highly appealing embodiment in the form of Firat Celik. A grey character in Fatmagulun Sucu Ne catapulted him to instant fame. Subsequent roles in 20 Dakika, Firuze, Gonul Isleri and Poyraz Karayel make him one of Turkey’s most sought-after actors today. Aren’t we drooling over those piercing eyes?


8. BURAK OZCIVIT– A winner of the Best Model of Turkey and runner-up of “Best Model of the World” pageant, Burak Ozcivit is a sight for sore eyes. Oozing s*x appeal and machismo, this Turkish model-cum-actor is one of those rare performers who looks like a real king. Who wouldn’t like to turn into a damsel in distress if the knight in shining armour looks like him? Or if that’s too mainstream and stereotypical for you, grapple in a sword fight with him akin to Hrithik-Aishwarya’s sword-fight sequence in Jodha Akbar? In either case, it’s going to be a treat for you, ladies.


9. HALUK PIYES– Looks like the Turk-German combo yields some really prepossessing end results… cue: Firat Celik earlier and Haluk Piyes now. Born in Cologne, Germany Haluk forayed into showbiz in 2007 and there has been no looking back since then. He has that senior’s vibe who you always swooned over in school/college, doesn’t he?


10. MEHMAT AKIF ALAKURT– Breaking into the Turkish entertainment industry as a model, Mehmat Akif Alakurt took home the “Most Promising” and “Turkey Prince” modelling titles in 1998. Don’t wrongly deem him as a grim, solemn, ever-brooding hard-thinker for when he smiles, he is innocence-personified.


Guest post by Nidhal S.

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