Hi Everyone! I’ll be talking about something very special today that constitutes a very integral part of every woman’s life. Periods. The mere word can send some of us into splits considering the pain and discomfort we have to go through each month.

While tackling pain is not in its territory, Whisper has aimed to handle the discomfort part of the experience by revamping its regular sanitary napkins through the launch of the New Whisper Ultra Soft. The new product boasts of many new features that aim at making you as comfortable as possible. 

No one can argue that Whisper has some of the best sanitary napkins in India and with their latest launch, they’ve taken up the experience up a notch. Read on further to know how the product aims at solving almost every challenge related to your periods.

7 Reasons Why Every Girl Needs To Try the New Whisper Ultra Soft

1. No Rashes! Wait a second…what? 

Yes, you heard it right. The New Whisper Ultra Soft boasts of a cottony top sheet in the centre as well as the wings which feels twice as softer. This soft top sheet feels very gentle on the skin and is a boon for those with sensitive skin such as mine.

2. Minimum Dampness! Whoa

Dampness in those days can put you at a risk for different kinds of pesky infections. Yikes..Thankfully, the ‘special soft pores’ in the the new Whisper Ultra ‘drive liquid to the core’ locking it there. That means superior absorption and minimal dampness.

New Whisper Ultra Soft
New Whisper Ultra Soft


3. No lazily lying around in bed all day!

Minimal wetness, superior absorption and virtually zero discomfort thanks to Whisper Ultra Soft ensures that you say goodbye to unproductive days. Go running, join your friends on a trip, go shopping or just go ahead & focus your attention on achieving your dreams. Do whatever you want!…Your period doesn’t hold you back anymore..

4. No special clothes! Wear what you like

Do you have ‘period dresses’? Those loose fitting dresses that sit in one corner of your wardrobe but become your hero in those 5 days??? Well not anymore! Because the New Whisper Ultra Soft promises a super thin sheet so we don’t have to rely on those loose fitting clothes to get us through that time.

New Whisper Ultra Soft
New Whisper Ultra Soft


5. No more embarrassingly asking mom/aunts/friends to ‘Check my back’…thank heavens!

One of the major things that holds us all from enjoying outdoor activities in those five days is the hesitation of staining. To fix that, the New Whisper Ultra Soft’s stretchable wings allow for a greater grip and its superior absorption makes sure there is no leakage. So you can enjoy whatever you are doing without anything to pull you back.

6. No more spoiling expensive bedding

One of my personal limitations in those days is the dread of spoiling my beautiful night suits or my favourite beddings while I sleep. However, the New Whisper Ultra Soft is about 20% longer and comes with wider back to minimise any risk of leakage. Additionally, there are 2 sizes Large and Extra Large available so you pick one that better suits your needs!

7. No weird smells…. Finally!!!

 If you’re like me and totally detest the bad odour that Sanitary napkins sometimes tend to give off, you’ll love this new edition from Whisper. That is because the new Whisper Ultra Soft now comes with ‘Free Pearls’ that ‘capture and lock’ the period odour so you don’t have to put up with unpleasant odours anymore.

New Whisper Ultra Soft
New Whisper Ultra Soft


On top of all this, Whisper Ultra Soft comes in a pretty pink packaging! And one pack (containing 7 napkins) retails just for Rs 64/-. Need I say more?

Whisper has gone all out to make those 4-5 days of the month as comfortable for you & I as can be. Now its your turn to choose a sanitary napkin that takes care of all your worries in your period days so you can focus on things that really matter.

So run and get yourself a pack of these for your next period. #UltraSoft #BeUnstoppable

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