How to play with bright colours this monsoon
How to play with bright colours this monsoon

Guest post by Sreeparna

Hi everyone!

Today’s post will be about monsoon fashion. In the urge to look colourful in gloomy monsoon we often turn ourselves into glitter-balls or neon-dolls as we try to use every bright thing we have in our wardrobe at the same time. Just from there the whole business becomes impractical. This post talks about how we can correct the situation and enhance our look with neons without going over the top in this monsoon. Let’s read on to know further.



1. Opt for minimal yet energetic look this monsoon. The only secret here is to highlight only one feature of your face at a time. For example, if you want bright lips keep your eyes subtle and vice versa. On the other hand if you want to achieve ‘no makeup’ look keep your eyes and lips muted with a hint of blush to give liveliness to the overall look.

How to play with bright colours this monsoon
How to play with bright colours this monsoon

2. Reserve maroon and brown lip-colours for winter and try pinks, reds and corals. Keep your MLBB lip shade (a lipstick which is one or two shades darker than your original lip colour) handy to apply when you decide to go heavy on eyes.   

3. Make friends with coloured eyeliners. Opt for waterproof and smudge-proof formulas. Try winged liners with kajal on lower waterline to make your eyes stand out. 

4. Use light coverage base makeup like BB or CC cream. Set your base with a light touch of compact. Follow your skincare routine rigorously to bring out the inner glow.

How to play with bright colours this monsoon
How to play with bright colours this monsoon

5. Apply a little peach, coral or pink blush and blend it nicely for a fresh and energetic look.

6. Paint your nails with fun colours like coral, mint green, bright pink, blue, red etc. Pastel nails are ‘in’ this season. So, play it up with pastels. Try the pantone colours of this year, rose quartz and serenity. They look fabulous on everyone.

7. Volumize your greasy hair with a bit of baby powder or dry shampoo. Try different braid and buns. You won’t need any hair fixing spray as your hair is already greasy due to excess humidity. That means lesser product build-up on scalp. Isn’t that great!


8. Find out what looks best on you according to your body features and personality. Then dress or accessorise yourself accordingly. Add bits of brightness here and there, in your attire, your bag or your shoes and you will be ready for monsoon.

9. Keep the top part of your outfit bright and neon coloured and the bottom part dark coloured. For example, if you are wearing a palazzo, your shirt should be light and the pant should be dark. Same rule applies for kurti and leggings combo too.

How to play with bright colours this monsoon
How to play with bright colours this monsoon

10. Go for comfortable and airy fabric. Avoid sheer fabrics, denims and too much layering in your clothes.

11. Try different types of patterns like floral, geometric, zebra or stripes. Wear vertical stripes to look taller and horizontal stripes to add pettiness to your lean structure.  If you are not very easy with patterned clothes go monotonous this season. Monotonous fuchsia, pastel red and blue looks good on everyone.

12. Accessorise yourself with neon or pastel statement jewellery. Give simple hairstyles a boost by using colourful hair-ties, barrettes and studded pins.

13. Short strapped handheld bags, backpacks and clutch purses are best for monsoon. My top five colour choices would be neon yellow, baby blue, rose quartz, green and fluorescent orange.

14. Choose watches with simple yet elegant designs. They should be waterproof and cheery looking. Match your bag and watch to achieve a chic look.

15. Ballerinas, flats and sandals are good footwear choices for rainy season. Try faux leather, cork leather, micro fibre or rexine shoes. To bring more colour to your feet try jelly shoes. This vinyl made beauties are on trend this year.

16. Invest in a good looking umbrella or a neon raincoat that will lift up your mood instantly.

This was it guys! Hope you enjoyed. Don’t forget to share your thoughts. 

Stay colourful and cheerful this monsoon!

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