What if I told you that there was a way that could save you money while shopping plus help you make some extra cash too? I know, sounds too good to be true! But that is exactly what I’ll be talking about today. Recently I had a chance to try out Dealspotr– a unique platform that presents an enormous number of deals & coupons that not only helps you save money but actually pays you to help others ! To know more about this noteworthy website, read on..

What is Dealspotr?

In their own words, Dealspotr is a ‘Wikipedia for deals’. So like Wikipedia, you can find an extensive amounts of deals/coupons to help you save money when you shop. You can also post new deals to help other shoppers save money as well as edit or validate the already existing deals. What makes dealspotr different from other coupon websites is that for most of these activities, you actually earn points which you can later redeem via e-gift cards. So you save while shopping, help others save too and all of this while you earn additional gift cards!

How to Join?

To join, you can sign in with your Facebook account or register a new account with your email. Once you have logged in, you’ll see numerous coupons/deals going on at the time. On that same page, you’ll find the ‘My Feed’ option where you can enlist your interests and favourite stores. That will create a customised feed for you with deals of your interest. It is similar to your Facebook feed; but for deals. And like Facebook, you can like, share, save, comment and even follow your favourite deal-sharing people. review review: Personalising Your Feed

Adding New Deals or Editing/Validating Existing Ones

Since Dealspotr is a community-based platform, almost all the deals are added as well as maintained by real shopping enthusiasts like you and me. So you can add any new deals that you find exciting or edit/validate the existing deals by other members. However, to prevent duplicate, fake or hard-to-understand deals, there are a few community guidelines. These include verifying your deals/coupons, pointers to present the deal/coupon in a correct way and checking for any already existing deals to prevent duplicates. You can read more about these guidelines here. review: New User Dashboard

Earning Points

Most of your activities on Dealspotr can earn you points. These points keep on adding up which you can then redeem for gift cards. Sounds great right! So what are the ways in which you can earn points? Here are some of them:

1. Adding new & exciting deals 

2. Referring friends to join the community

3. Liking and commenting on good deals that others have posted

4. Validating deals that other people post- This means you can confirm that the deal that some other community member has posted, works. This can be done by providing a screenshot of the checkout page with the coupon added. (Note- You don’t actually need to purchase the product, just go till the checkout page and get a screenshot!)

5. Joining as an affiliate. I will talk more about this later in this article.

6. Completing your daily checklist.

Redeeming Points

Dealspotr lets you redeem your points via gift cards. Just go to Earn Rewards-> Redeem Points (see the picture below). This will take you to your rewards dashboard where you can check how many points you have to redeem and then click on Redeem Now. This will send your request to Dealspotr’s moderators who will then process your gift card and send it to your email. review review: Redeeming Points

Joining As An Influencer

As I talked about in an earlier point, if you are an influencer/blogger, Dealspotr can be even more rewarding for you. You can earn even more points, gain exposure and collaborate with brands. Influencers also have the privilege of redeeming their points via PayPal. Do note that for becoming an influencer, you need a set amount of blog traffic which you can read more about on their website.

What I love

-Great platform to find the latest and hottest deals/coupons on your favourite websites.

-Community based platform where you can interact and follow like-minded individuals.

-They create a personalised feed based on your interests.

-The enthusiastic community keeps editing/removing the invalid coupons and deals so there is a higher chance of finding accurate deals here.

-No credit card/personal information is required.

-And of course, the rewards for contributing which you get to redeem whenever you like.

What Can Be Improved

-There are so many ways to earn points and the website is filled with deals. For a beginner, all of that can get a little overwhelming. After a while though, you do start to get the hang of it. But I would’ve liked it more if it was easier for a beginner.

-For non-influencers, points can only be redeemed via gift cards. It is perfectly alright for someone who lives in the United States but those of us who live elsewhere, it isn’t as exciting. I would love to see them provide another way(s) or atleast include other country gift cards in the future as well.

Overall Thoughts

Dealspotr is a unique platform for finding amazing deals/coupons on your favourite websites and interacting with like-minded shoppers. Their personalised feed is quite convenient so you can only sift through the websites of your interest. Their reward-earning system is pretty extensive though which can get a bit overwhelming at times. But hey, if you can get past that, it is a great way of earning a few gift cards along the way!

You can join dealspotr here and enter the promo code (KOMAL_ABP) to get an extra 5000 points on completing the new user checklist and posting your first valid deal.

**Sponsored post. My review, as usual, is honest and unbiased.

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