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I thought I’ll share with you some of the shopping I’ve being doing recently.

makeup shopping haul india 2015

One of the first things I bought out of these was the Rene Furterer Balancing Shampoo. I’d been looking for a gentle, cleansing shampoo for everyday use and having seen quite a few bloggers rave about this product, I thought I’ll give it a try too. And now I suddenly realise that I haven’t clicked a close-up picture of this shampoo but I’ve used it a few times now and hopefully you’ll see a review on it along with pictures very soon.  Next I bought this Inglot AMC Freedom System Blush in No. 70. As much boring as the name of the shade sounds 😛 the blush in itself is such a pretty and bright coral color! And might I say, highly pigmented! Its now one of the brightest blushes in my stash. Next I also bought two nail paints. One is the Colorbar Nail Lacquer Pro in Mauve Like Me. This is my first time trying this range from Colorbar and although it was expensive for a nail paint, I loved the shade. Its a dark, really cool-toned, muted mauve! The next one is the Maybelline ColorShow Nail Paint in Mint Mojito. Again, I fell for the shade here! Such a pretty summery green. Apart from these, I re-stocked my MAC Prolongwear Concealer. It has a permanent spot in my makeup kit.

shopping haul mac
Shopping Haul: Forever21, MAC, Inglot and more
shopping haul maybelline colorshow colorbar nail paint mac
Shopping Haul: Forever21, MAC, Inglot and more

And lastly, how can my shopping trip be complete without some lipsticks. So I bought Colorbar’s Matte Touch Lipstick in Pink Romance. It’s bullet has a really interesting shape! Haha..no that’s not why I bought it! I bought it for the color and the tester at the store seemed to have a pretty worn out tip so I couldn’t figure out the shape but when I came home and opened it, I was a little surprised! And the latest addition are two MAC lipsticks. MAC Mocha and MAC Chatterbox. I was so excited to wear Mocha on my lips that as soon as I came out of the store, I went to the ladies’s room and put it on 😀 I also had my eyes on So Chaud but even for me, the shade is ultra bright and I wasn’t sure if I’ll be able to pull it off or not. But now I think I should have got it. Well, maybe next time!

lipsticks mac colorbar mac chatterbox mac mocha
Shopping Haul: Forever21, MAC, Inglot and more
mac chatterbox mac mocha lipstick
Shopping Haul: Forever21, MAC, Inglot and more

Also, I ordered some jewellery from Forever 21 which arrived around two weeks ago. I had put a picture of it on my Instagram, so many of you might have seen it there.This was my first time ordering from their website and I’m highly impressed with them. I’ll try to put up a complete review soon so if some of you’ve been thinking of ordering through their website, it’ll help you. Here’s the picture if you’ve not seen it already!

Forever 21 jewelley
Shopping Haul: Forever21, MAC, Inglot and more

That’s it guys. I hope you liked this post. Have you been doing some shopping recently? Share with me in the comments below.

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  1. Woooow…. swooning over your haul babe!!! lovely purchases!!! I’ll wait for the review of Pink Romance and Chatterbox 🙂

  2. Lovely haul, I love the color of Mac chatterbox as it one of the pinks that comes pretty on my lips but did not like the formula so much, hope it behaves better for you 🙂 should check out Mocha next time

  3. Love the pearl statement necklace and all the earrings.. have heard a lot about the shade chatterbox so lets see how its fares for you 🙂

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