The Body Shop Tea tree Oil Review Price

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Review, Price, How To Use

I mostly have clear skin except for some occasional tiny breakouts I get. And anyone who goes through the same knows how annoying those pesky little things can get! But for some weeks now, I’ve had a pretty clear skin. And today, I’ll be sharing my experience with a product that has been helping me to keep them under check. It is The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Oil. But before I get to the review, I wanted to announce that there is also an exciting news coming up for you guys at the end of this post so don’t forget to check it out. Alright now onto the review!

Product Claims

Targeted care for blemished skin. Can be used direct on skin. • Soothing • Has antibacterial properties • Does not dry out skin


Rs 695/- for 10mL

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Review

The  Tea Tree Oil comes in a tiny, translucent green bottle. I like the translucent packaging as it gives you a fair amount of idea of about how much of the product is remaining. The cap has a locking mechanism that screws it tightly to the bottle so there is no chance of accidental spillage. But the bottle is a glass one so you might have to be a little careful if you plan to travel with it. It comes with a dispenser within the bottle (as you can see in the pictures below) to dispense a little product at a time and prevent contamination of the whole bottle. Although at first instance, the price seems a lot for just 10mL of the product, but given you only a few drops at a time, I’m guessing the bottle will last for a long time.

The product inside is a 15% tea tree oil. As soon as you dispense the product, the first thing you will notice is the smell. The scent is strong and some people may find it overwhelming. I personally though, might be one of those few who actually love the scent of Tea Tree. Yes, sometimes I like to open the bottle and just get a whiff 😀 If you’re not a fan of the scent, you needn’t worry as it dissipates pretty quickly. The next thing you notice is that the product is transparent and is of a runny, water-like consistency. It feels like, well, a light oil. The tea tree oil is meant to be used as a spot treatment for blemishes. So I like to dispense a few drops of the oil onto a clean q-tip and use it to apply on individual blemishes.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil- How To Use
The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil- How To Use
The Body Shop Tea tree Oil Review Price
The Body Shop Tea tree Oil Review Price In India


How To Use The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil

I’ve been using it for the past couple of weeks but believe me that is not how long it takes to show its results! As soon as you feel a pimple popping, take a q-tip saturated with this oil and apply it on to the spot. Within a few minutes, it calms the pimple and reduces its redness. And within the next few hours, the pimple actually shrinks in size! (Do note though, it might not work if you have a pus-filled pimple) Initially, I followed this procedure for the first 3-4 days to clear up the tiny breakouts I was having. Whenever a blemish would pop up, I would apply this oil to the spot and it would clear it up.

Since then I’ve been using The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil religiously to the specific acne prone regions of my face to prevent any zits from forming. Its incredible, my skin has been clear for so many days without any sign of a breakout! Not only on pimples, I’ve been applying this oil onto insect bites (I somehow tend to get a lot of them these days 🙁 ) with similar results. It is also working to fade away 2-3 spots that some previous breakouts had left on my skin. One thing to note about this product though is that it has a slight drying effect on the skin especially if you use it on large areas so make sure to moisturize regularly.

The Body Shop Tea tree Oil Review Price
The Body Shop Tea tree Oil Review, Price
The Body Shop Tea tree Oil Review Price
The Body Shop Tea tree Oil Review: (U)-The Body Shop Tea tree Oil Swatch (L)- Fully absorbed into the skin


Overall Thoughts

To sum it up, I love this product! Mentally kicking myself for not having tried it earlier 😛 It not only stops the pimple in its tracks and reduces its redness, discomfort and size but has also helped clear some previous acne spots and is a great preventive treatment to keep a clear skin. It is not a cosmetic product and in my opinion, is a must have for anyone who has a blemish-prone skin. Highly Recommended!

Rating: 4.75/5

And now for the SUPER DUPER EXCITING NEWS! The Tea Tree Oil completes 20 years as The Body Shop’s best-seller, ONE bottle being sold every 8 seconds globally. To celebrate this coming of age of this classic product, there is a huge giveaway coming up for you guys pretty soon!!! How soon? Well, today evening itself. So don’t forget to drop in then! See ya soon 🙂 

*Product sent by the brand. However my review, as always, is honest and unbiased.

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  1. I too have same problem dear! a zit here or there once in a while. will like to try this out but abhi toh m fine with Femcinol-A, a medicated cream that works exactly like this at 1/4th price .:-)

  2. Waaw,.. I have been using the tea Tree oil from almost two years and i just love it,.. I used to use this only one new pimples, but from past two months using on old pimple marks, and still I have some oil in the bottle, which will come for other 6 months,.. The first bottle ended just few months back,.. Nice review,… Eagerly waiting for the giveaway,..:)

  3. I totally agree with you dear. Its really an amazing product. My skin is extremely acne prone and for hormonal cycle I get few zits which are totally incurable I guess. Apart from that this oil has taken great care of occasional breakouts in the past. I can’t think of my closet without this tiny bottle any more 🙂

  4. I have heard many people say that they love this oil but never got around to trying it.. Rather have even heard their Tea Tree BB cream is fabulous.. I definitely will try this.. 🙂

  5. Hi komal, a very effective review I must say. I have lot of acne scars n blemishes. Really wanna try this. Hope I win the giveaway.

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