Why Facial Toner Might Not Be As Important As You Think Anymore!

A few days ago, on one fine evening I was surfing through the web to find a new toner for my skin type. My old toner was on the verge of getting over and I wanted a new one. As soon as I typed search words in my favourite search engine, it started to show me suggestions on effectiveness of toners and blah blah. In a large number of articles, the toners were considered to be an ‘optional’ product.

Being a strong believer of proper cleansing-toning-moisturising (C-T-M) routine this point made my confidence in toners falter a small bit, so I started researching to find out why the good old toners are losing their importance. Today I will be sharing the factors that are said to have made the second step of traditional skincare routine to go out of focus slowly. Want to know more? Just keep reading.

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Reasons Why Facial Toner Are Losing Popularity

1. Enhancement in the Skin Care Routine

In this new millennia skin care is not limited to simple CTM. The breakthrough researches had made the three-product skin care routine into a multi-product skin enhancement process. As a result of this, various skin serums, gels, skin oils, balms, salves and masks are reigning the market. Some of these products are so enriched that they are able to exceed an old school toner’s performance within a few weeks’ application. Then why go through the additional step of using a toner?

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2. Most of the Astringent-Type Toners are Harsh in Nature

A major number of toner users have oily and acne prone skin. Excess secretion of sebum is a main skin concern of this kind of skin which eventually causes clogged facial pores and acne breakouts. So to make the skin squeaky clean from every bit of dirt, oil and grime we put our trust on astringent type toners.

However, except for some really good toners, most of these astringents have various kinds of alcohols to gain that strength in their formula. Alcohols control the acne problem and the sebum secretion really well but they dry out the skin like nothing else. To replenish the lack of moisture, the oil glands of our facial skin produce more oil. Skin becomes oilier than before instead of being oil-free.

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3. Availability of Chemical-free Natural Alternatives

Now-a-days market is flowing with organic and natural substitutes of chemical based toners. Almost all good brands are coming up with rose, jasmine, cucumber infused waters, aloe vera gels and many more products. These promise to perform the same things that a standard toner does. Thus eliminating the need for a chemical version.

4. Inflation of ph Balancing Skin Care Products

Earlier people believed in surfactant-based strong cleansers to cleanse their skin completely. These cleansers were often hampered the acidity-alkalinity or the ph balance of the skin. Unstable ph balance makes skin dry and accelerates the ageing process in the long run. It also aggravates bacterial or fungal growths in the skin that leads to acne prone skin. To prevent these skin conditions we used to put ph balancing toners on the skin just after washing face with facial cleansers.

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But most of the cleansers available today are mild in nature and ph balanced. Even the moisturisers are ph balanced too. That, as an obvious result, has lessened the importance of ph balancing toners.

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5. Toning is Tricky

Toners tend to gives best results when the proper formula is used in a proper manner. For example, toners with mild natural astringents like witch hazel is the best choice for oily skinned people. On the other hand, humectants-based toners like rose water toners would do well on dry skin. The number of times in a day one should use toners vary from person to person. For some, once a day works while the others get maximum benefit from twice a day application.

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It is very important to choose right toner according to one’s skin condition. Many of us are still ignorant of these common toner facts. That makes the number of toner users fall to certain extents. I myself faced this problem. Earlier I used to buy humectants based toner. They made my oily skin greasy and I loathed them a lot. After a few trials and errors I found out, stronger toners give optimum results for my skin. Now my skin is behaving well as I have shifted to a suitable toner.

Do you like toners or consider them as ‘optionals’? Share in the comment below. 

Guest post by Sreeparna G.

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  1. Thanks for this post as I always went on a guilt trip thinking that I am not caring for my skin enough. I have taken up a good habit of rubbing aloevera on my face which kind of substitutes for toning and moisturizing.

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