How To Avoid and Fix Concealer from Creasing

Concealers occupy a must-have place in my vanity. I’m sure they must in yours too! But if there is one thing that almost every girl dreads about them, it is creasing. Even my absolutely favourite concealer of all time, MAC Prolongwear creases. So I’ll be sharing a few pointers on how to avoid their creasing and fixing them, incase they still somehow do. But before I go onto that, I want to tell you all that from now on, I’ll be doing a series of posts such as this, every tuesday, to share some of my favourite tips n tricks with you all. I hope you’re as excited as I am! 😀


How To Avoid It

Step #1 Always start with a well-moisturized eye area. Use a good under-eye cream or just your regular moisturizer. Moisturising your skin causes the skin to plump up and reduces the appearance of fine lines. After applying it, leave it to absorb for a few minutes.

Step #2 After giving it a few minutes, take a tissue and lightly dab on the under eye area to blot any extra moisturizer that is left on the skin. This moisturizer that is remaining on the skin will only cause the concealer to bring all the more ‘slippery’, if not blotted prior to its application.

Step #3 If you suffer from extreme creasing, you may try an eye primer. Take a very small quantity and gently apply in under your eye from the inner corner to the outer. This will create a sticky base which will adhere to the concealer for a longer time. It isn’t a necessary step but it does help.

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Step #4 This is for those who use cream concealers for the under-eye area. If you feel you have a lot of under-eye creasing, try switching to a liquid concealer. Cream concealers have more oils in them which makes the concealer a lot more prone to ‘moving around’. MAC and L’oreal make some good ones.

Step #5 Build your concealer gradually. Always take a small quantity of concealer at a time and then layer it to as much coverage as you want. This will make sure your concealer application is uniform and hence, less prone to creasing.concealer3

Step #6 This is the last step but certainly not the least. Infact, it is the MOST important of them all! As soon as you’re done applying your concealer, immediately set it with a powder, preferably loose. I say loose because loose powder has more ability to soak up excess oil as compared to pressed. This doesn’t mean it is only loose powder that works. If you don’t have loose powder, set it up with a pressed powder. But what is more important than choosing a loose vs pressed powder is how you apply it. Many say a brush is as good a tool as a sponge while applying powder to set the under-eye concealer. In my personal experience, I’ve found using a sponge in place of a brush gives much MUCH better results! It could probably be because using a sponge pushes the powder into the skin which helps it to absorb oils better.

How To Fix It

If you still find yourself in a situation where your under-eye concealer has creased, here is a quick tip. Rub the finger tips of your ring fingers together to warm them up a little. Then place one of them on your under eye area and lightly dab on it. The warmth from your finger tip will melt the concealer and spread it around the area. Do this for a few seconds, until your concealer looks decent again. After this, take some powder and gently press it on to the area. Since you are unlikely to have a sponge with you if you’re outside, use the tip of your finger for this purpose too. Using a finger tip instead of a sponge does not give as good a result, but it is quite close!

Also, if your under-eye area tends to get oily after a few hours, always make sure to keep blotting sheets in you purse. Use them as a first step before you dab on your skin with your finger tip.

These are my quick tips on how to avoid and fix your under-eye concealer from creasing. Don’t forget to share your favourite tips n tricks to avoid creasing in the comments below. I’d love to read 🙂 Also I wanted to tell you guys that from now on, I’ll be doing a series of posts such as this, every tuesday, to share some of my favourite tips n tricks with you all. I hope you’re as excited as I am! 😀

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  1. My under eye area is very dry so I face this particular problem a lot. thanks for the tips babe. Its going to be very helpful <3

  2. I don’t use a lot of concealer but this is surely an aweomse post for someone who needs it…I loved how u have listed out all the details!!! 🙂

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