6 Ways To Wear Red Lipstick Everyday: +Tips, Recommendations

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A red lip is the classiest and the boldest statement lip look which provides tons of confidence and immediately glams up the dullest look.

Chances are that most of you, like me,  love donning  a red lip but might find it a bit too bold and hesitate to wear it, especially in conservative environments. But the red lip can be muted down and its brightness decreased to make it more suitable for work wear and daytime looks. Here are some ways which will help  you to  rock the red lip but without looking too loud or bold and will let you inculcate the classic red lip in your daily makeup routine.ways to wear red lipstick

1.The Lip Stain Method

Now,  this is one of the most effective methods to  wear a red lip but at the same time keeping it understated.  Take your red lipstick and dab it, either directly or with fingers to the centre of your lips. Blend it towards the outside of lips keeping the colour minimal at the edges. This will give a fresh and natural look.

This is perfect for a girls day out or an office look for summer.

6 Ways To Wear Red Lipstick
6 Ways To Wear Red Lipstick- lip stain method


2. The Clear Lip Gloss Hack

 We all have clear lip glosses lying around our house but this useful product can help you achieve a more wearable red lip. Just apply the clear gloss all over your lip and then put on a thin coat of red lipstick on the top of the lipstick. You can top it off with another layer of gloss.

6 Ways To Wear Red Lipstick
6 Ways To Wear Red Lipstick- clear gloss hack

6 Ways To Wear Red Lipstick


3. The Concealer Hack

The concealer has been our saviour and best friend when it comes to covering up those pesky spots and zits. But this efficient concealer hack will help you create a perfect muted red lip. First of all, apply the red lipstick evenly all over your lips. Then take a bit of concealer on your fingertips and dab it over the red lipstick. This will create a muted tone and will tone down the brightness of your red lipstick. But make sure that you use only a tiny amount of concealer or else you might end up looking washed out.

6 Ways To Wear Red Lipstick- concealer hack
6 Ways To Wear Red Lipstick- concealer hack


4. Using a Lip Pencil Instead of a Lipstick

Instead of using a highly pigmented lipstick, lower down the intensity by using a lip pencil all over your lips. This will give you lots of control over the brightness. Make sure to line your lips well and stay between the lines. Also, do not press down the pencil very hard as we do not want an intense look. This will give you a very wearable red lip and at the same time using a lip pencil helps the colour last longer and be transfer proof.

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6 Ways To Wear Red Lipstick
6 Ways To Wear Red Lipstick- the lip pencil replacement


5. Powdering Down the Red Lipstick

You will need a translucent setting or finishing powder for this. First of all , dab some powder on your lips. Then take a lip brush and apply red lipstick on the top of it, bit by bit. But make sure not to take a lot of product on brush. After evenly applying the lip colour,  add another coat of powder on it and gently brush off the excess product. This will give a soft and  beautiful dusty hue to your lips.

6 Ways To Wear Red Lipstick
6 Ways To Wear Red Lipstick- powdering it down


6. Mixing with Another Lipstick

This is a quick and efficient way to tone down your lipstick. Take your favourite nude lipstick and apply a coat of it. Then apply the red lipstick over the nude colour. This is a great hack since mixing and matching gives you a variety of new shades using the same old lipstick.

6 Ways To Wear Red Lipstick
6 Ways To Wear Red Lipstick- mixing it with another lipstick


Tips for prepping lips:

1.Exfoliating is a must. You can use MAC sugar scrub or The Body Shop Lipscuff.

2. Moisturize lips with a lip balm which will keep your lips hydrated and they won’t flake out. You can also use petroleum jelly.

3. Line your lips to shape them well. Lining a bit outside the lips helps to help lips look fuller and lining inside makes them look thinner.

4. You can use a lip primer like MAC prep+prime lip. This makes the base even and the lipstick long lasting.


Top red lip colours:

1.MAC Ruby Woo

2. MAC Russian Red

3. Bobbi Brown luxe lip colour in Parisian Red

4. Kylie lipkit Mary Jo K

5. Maybelline colour sensational lipstick in Are You Red-Dy

Guest post by Sneha D.

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