My Experience with the YBP Makeup Perfector Sponge + Comparison with Beauty Blender

Hey Guys! I’ll be reviewing the YBP Makeup Perfector Sponge today. Finding a good foundation is only half the work done. You also need a great foundation tool to perfect its application onto your face. And one of the best makeup tools to perfect your foundation is a makeup sponge. There are quite a few in the market these days but none of them seem to be at par with the original Beauty Blender. So I bought this sponge a few months ago with little expectations. Read on to know how it has fared and if this is the best dupe for a Beauty Blender in India.

Product Claims

Sponge is made of High-Quality LATEX-FREE Material, it’s Hypoallergenic, Great for Sensitive Skin. Perfect amount of Softness and Bounce to get HD Flawless looking coverage in less than a minute. Can be used for Full-Face Makeup including Foundation, Concealer, Bronzer, Highlighter, Cream Blush.

Price: Rs 1200 buy here

YBP Makeup Perfector Sponge
YBP Makeup Perfector Sponge


The sponge comes in a flexible and light-weight plastic container with a few holes here & there and a metal lid. The holes in the container are supposed to let any dampness in the sponge to dry. And the metal lid can be used as a dish to mix different foundations or foundation with other products like moisturiser, highlighter etc; together. Although the packing is quite useful for travel and has been well-thought of, I would still not recommend you to put the damp beauty blender inside the container. You need to make sure the sponge is completely dry before you put it into the container but yes, for emergencies, like if you have to travel; it is a good option to have!

The sponge is quite soft and squishy. I read some reviews where people said the quality is just like a simple makeup sponge and I don’t think I agree with that. I think regular makeup sponges are quite dense and feel a lot latex/synthetic-like which tend to irritate sensitive skin types like mine. The YBP Makeup Perfector, on the other hand, feels much better and softer on the skin. It swells upto about one and a half times that of its size after it comes in contact with water.

YBP Makeup Perfector Sponge
YBP Makeup Perfector Sponge


The sponge comes in 2 shade variants, Naked (white-colored) and Lust (black-colored). The YBP Makeup Perfector in Naked is supposed to be better for sensitive skin types as it contains no dyes but there’s also another reason why I chose it. My original pink Beauty Blender started getting black spots on it which I later got to know were mold! So this time, a chose a white one so I can get a clear sense of if/when something like that happens to this one. Fortunately, I’m quite happy to report that even after 7-8 months of usage, the YBP Makeup Perfector hasn’t shown any signs of mold yet. It however, has been showing signs of cracking for the past few months.

Since I as a reader can sometimes have questions regarding the product reviewed, I’ll be changing the format of my review today and addressing some common questions regarding this product. Let me know if this format works for you guys too!

Which variant of the YBP Makeup Perfector should you opt for- black or white?

The white variant is good if you have sensitive skin since the brand claims it is free of dyes. Also, if you’re very hygiene conscious and/or tend to suffer from acne, white is a better choice since it lets you see if you have any makeup stuck inside the sponge. However, be ready to spend sometime washing the sponge. Like all white things, it’ll need sometime before it gets absolutely clean. On the other hand, if you’d rather not spend much time in washing the sponge and do not suffer from sensitive/acne-prone skin, you can go for the black one.


How to use the YBP Makeup Perfector Sponge?

Take the clean sponge and thoroughly wet it in water. Let it swell up in size and squeeze the excess water. Apply your makeup (foundation, concealer or BB cream) in dots over the face and start stippling & blending it with the damp sponge.

Use the pointed side for narrow areas like the inner corner of the eyes and the rounded side for larger areas. The sponge, in addition to base makeup, works well for cream contour and highlight as well. It finishes with a streak-free makeup and prevents it from looking cakey.

YBP Makeup Perfector Sponge
YBP Makeup Perfector Sponge (Naked)- Dry sponge

YBP Makeup Perfector Sponge vs Beauty Blender


What differences did you feel while using the YBP Makeup Perfector as compared to the Beauty Blender?

There are quite a few differences between the two, actually. The original Beauty Blender feels softer and more compatible with skin. The YBP Makeup Perfector is denser than the Beauty Blender and feels less squishy than the Beauty Blender. Its pointed edge is broader than the Beauty Blender so it sometimes gets difficult to blend in very narrow areas like the sides of the nose. It also takes more time to wash and get dry.

In terms of performance, I feel blending with the YBP Makeup Perfector can take longer to get the desired result as compared to the Beauty Blender. However, the end result is similar.

In terms of longevity, my original Beauty Blender started growing mold after 3-4 months of use. Whereas the YBP Makeup Perfector hasn’t had any even after 7-8 months of use.

Price-wise, the original Beauty Blender costs about twice as much as the YBP Makeup Perfector and does not come with the convenient packaging the YBP Makeup Perfector comes with.

YBP Makeup Perfector Sponge
YBP Makeup Perfector Sponge


So does this replace the Beauty Blender? Which one would you recommend?

The Beauty Blender is one of the best tools you can get for your base makeup. But lets face it, it is quite expensive for such a short longevity. If you’re willing to splurge and want only the best results for your makeup, I’d suggest going with the Beauty Blender. If you’re looking for a dupe that is cheaper but does the job almost as well, the YBP sponge is the one you should be trying!

Is the YBP Makeup Perfector worth the money?


I am just starting out with makeup. Is it worth the investment?

Yes. All good makeup looks depend on a good base. You can invest in a brush but brushes require technique whereas a sponge requires almost none!

Rating: 4.25/5


I hope you enjoyed the review! Have you used the YBP Makeup Perfector Sponge? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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