10 Facial Exercises for a Perfectly Sculpted FaceVery few people on this earth have perfectly sculpted faces. Even the gorgeous Bollywood and Hollywood divas whom we often take as role models are not free from those little imperfections. In fact, we often see them trying various cosmetic or surgical procedures to achieve flawless faces. Although the clinical facial-feature correcting is quick and effective; they may lead to some terminal diseases like cancer. But, there exists some non-surgical and harm-free processes too. Today we will be talking about such a technique called ‘Facial Yoga’. This potent yet powerful facial feature correcting method tones the facial features and the face gets sculpted in time. Today we have randomly picked up some common facial imperfections and presented their facial yoga remedies. To know more read on.

I. Chubby Cheeks

Flabby cheeks tend to increase roundness of the face. Try these kinds of exercises to get rid of chubby cheeks.

  • X-O Exercise: Pronounce the alphabets X and O in quick succession. In the process stretch your muscles all the way you can. Repeat this 15 times.
  • Fish Face: Make an inch gap between upper and lower sets of teeth. Suck in the flabby part of your cheeks as you do while contouring. Hold it this way for 5 seconds then repeat the whole procedure for another 2 times.

    Facial Exercises for a Perfectly Sculpted Face
    Facial Exercises for a Perfectly Sculpted Face- Fish Face

II. Double Chin

Excessive fat deposition below the chin area causes double chin. To tone it up the facial yoga works wonders. Here is a great workout:

    • Pout and Tilt Pose: Sit in straight posture. Bend your head backwards. Make a stiff pout and hold it like this for 10 seconds. Do 2 more sets of this.

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Facial Exercises for a Perfectly Sculpted Face
Facial Exercises for a Perfectly Sculpted Face- Pout and Tilt Pose

III. Smile Lines

Smiling is good for health that is a universal truth. But, having laugh lines can make you look older. I have seen a lot of people developing those ugly smile lines in their early 20’s. This problem can be easily avoided with simple exercises like this:

  • Air or Oil Pulling: Fill your mouth with air or some edible oil. Transfer all of it to the right side first and count 4. Then shift it to the left side and again count 4. 15 repetitions would be good.

IV. Thin Lips

Plum lips are dreams of many of us. Some people are blessed with fuller lips and some are not (including me). To plump up my lips I do this exercise:

  • Kiss and O Exercise: Make a kissing pout and at the same time try to pronounce letter O. Hold it for 5 seconds and release. Do 5 sets in sequence.

V. Out-of-shape Nose

People who have sharp nose will never really know how troublesome it is to have shapeless nose. It needs a lot of makeup skills to make it appear perfectly sharp. This pose is said to sharpen nose:

  • Nose Sharpening Exercise: Place your thumb and index finger one in each side of the nose. Slide the fingers firmly from the bridge to the tip of nose. Repeat for 15 times.

    Facial Exercises for a Perfectly Sculpted Face
    Facial Exercises for a Perfectly Sculpted Face- Nose Sharpening

VI. Droopy Eyes & Crow’s Feet

These two signs of aging can be prevented with this easy exercise:

  • V Exercise: In this workout you need to place both of your middle fingers in the blank between your eyebrows where you wear your bindi and index fingers just beside the outer corner of the eyes. Then gently move the index fingers upwards and outwards and look up. Hold this pose for 4 seconds and release. Do 5 sets one after another.

    Facial Exercises for a Perfectly Sculpted Face- V Exercise
    Facial Exercises for a Perfectly Sculpted Face

VII. Wrinkly Forehead

When the aging process starts to show we often see horizontal and vertical lines on the forehead. These are actually very stubborn and don’t smooth out easily. This exercise helps to reduce forehead wrinkles,

  • Brow Smoothing: Place both of your hands in the middle of your forehead, touching each other. Firmly slide them in two opposite directions following the curve of the brow bone. Stop when you reach the end of the eyebrows in both the sides. Now come back to the starting position. This time move hands upwards till you touch the hairline. Repeat the steps 10 times in succession.
    Facial Exercises for a Perfectly Sculpted Face
    Facial Exercises for a Perfectly Sculpted Face- Brow Smoothing


Some Dos and Don’ts for At-home Facial Exercises

1. Do your facial yoga routine consistently once a day.

2. Do every pose with utmost care and correctness or it may aggravate wrinkles.

3. Not everything is for everyone. So, if you have done any cosmetic procedures like botox, fillers, face lifting etc or have any health concerns; consult with your dermatologist first.

Have you tried any facial exercises? If yes, share your experience. You are welcome to share your thoughts and ideas too.

Guest post by Sreeparna G.

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  1. This is an amazing post. Loved all the yoga exercises for the face. I do yoga on a regular basis but didn’t know about the facial exercises… Will definitely include these in my routine 🙂 Thanks Sreeparna for sharing this.

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